Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Episode 1 To …. dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Tum All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Episode 1 To …. dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Tum All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

What are you doing? Come and help me. Will you two laugh or do some work? We are working. You guys did something again, right? I didn’t do anything. You guys will never learn. Let’s go. Khaani. Khaani, what happened? There is a mouse there. My love, you are so naïve. Is it necessary for you two to do this every Sunday? Why do you bother your elder sister? Khaani, see, this is a fake mouse. I will break your face.
 Why do you people do this every time? She doesn’t like her name, Khan’s are not cowards, she is Khaani. We just wanted to prove this. That’s it little one, stop all this from next Sunday. No one will scare Khaani now, do you understand? See, you made your elder sister cry. Come on apologize. Be quick. I am sorry. Sorry. 
We won’t do it again. Promise. Its ok, but I pray that next time you scare me, my heart fails. Khaani. What? What did you say? Look Khaani, you said this today, but don’t even think about this again. Where am I? Come here. Khaani, there is a surprise for you. What? Look mouse. Come here. I won’t leave you. Come here. Sorry. Sorry. We are so lucky,

Fix the food immediately

 I hope our four stars always shine. Put in some force. Oh, you are here. Weren’t you supposed to come late today? Is everything ok? Yes, there was some security issue. I didn’t go where I was supposed to. Should I get the food set for you? Yes, I will eat. Ghulam Mohammad. Fix the food immediately. Sure madam. What is the matter? You look tired.
 I spent the day in the sun. I had to visit the slum for a social work, and you know the situation there. Hey, who told you to become such a big social worker? Really? Make fun of me. You know who I do all this for. I burn in the sun and you get the votes. Okay, when I get the vote this time, I will give my home minister a ministry too. Ok? Really? Yeah. 
Come. I think you haven’t eaten either. No, I was waiting that maybe… maybe… Tea. Thank you. You work so much, you will get tired. Leave it now. No, it is important, the kids have an activity tomorrow. Such young kids come to your Montessori, what activity would they do? The kids of today are not like you, they are clever. 

We are all this for our children

Okay, I am the stupid one, right? I didn’t say that. Ok leave all this and rest. You work so much, you embarrass me at times. You cannot live without work Sami. We need to maintain a lifestyle, kids’ education, our living, how will you do all this alone? You take care of half of my load without complaining. What is there to complain about? We are all this for our children. You fulfill their requirement, I their wishes. Thank God we survive easily, I hope they always smile. I just help you out. Yum. Start. Yes. Thank you very much. Okay. Yummy. So good. Very nice.

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