Chandrakanta Series All Episode 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Chandrakanta Series All Episode 2018 To 2019

You need to think up a new excuse for when that happens. Hmm! I know what you’re implying! You incompetent husband, you think to call your wife an ailment?! Have you forgotten the time when that Shahana Sultan was unfaithful to you and – Don’t you dare! Shahana Sultan may have many bad points… but she’s not the one who was unfaithful, it was someone else. You’re… Noshi, arent you? Yes. I’m Hania. Nice to meet you. Same here.

 Thank you. Your fashion shows are really amazing. So… what do you do? I live it up… and I do that on my father’s money. Isn’t that amazing? Actually my father’s a business tycoon so everything’s available at home… and there’s only me and my brother and that’s it. Hello Noshi. Please forgive me. I’m really sorry So tell me Sehar, what did you do to her? Tell me? Hania, please! Its personal.

 Personal? What do you even have anything that belongs to you Sehar? This diamond ring, the branded clothes, this watch… all of its been given to you by my brother. You don’t even have the wherewithal to speak to me! Guys… guys… please don’t fight like this. We’re out… uh… this is a gym so please don’t make a spectacle by fighting like this. Come on, lets go eat. Get up. Go eat? Yes, come on lets go eat. Noshi… Had this man not been your father-in-law, I would have kicked him out of my life! And what would you have done after that? Why are you so bent upon destroying both our marriages? The two of us, mother and daughter, have now become quite rich.

Since you were going so I thought

 Would it make a difference if we didn’t have this father and son in our lives? You need money for a business. Your husband doesn’t have any and your father isn’t giving it to you so you think that I should not even scream about it! The money has already been arranged my beloved mother. Really??? Oh but I feel as if I’ve died! You’re not to die, we have still to live it up. The party’s just started. What fun Tashi! What fun! But listen… you should still break that old man’s arrogance! If we can somehow sell that house, I’ll then come and live in this house forever. And you’ll also then get the inheritance money from your father! One can get property from a step father as well you know. Uh… Why not? Yes, why ever not. I see… so the mother and son have joint accounts do they… Shahana never trusted me. 

There is five hundred thousand dollars in the bank locker for Nadeem. And more that one hundred tolas for Nadeem. This house is for Noshi. There’s no mention of me in this will so where do I stand? Yes Noshi? Okay fine, I’ll see to it. Tell Razi, I’m coming. Shall I get the car out for you? Who asked you to do so? Since you were going so I thought that I – When no one else is thinking about me in this house then why are you doing so?! Get out of here! Okay. Fool. I’ve always loved you Shahana but what you’re doing with me at least… isn’t love. But wait for what I’m about to do now. Mummy called up. Okay. She’s requesting to see you.

 So you should have sent her a photograph. I’ll do that but first I need you to at least speak to her. Of course and why not. Such a renowned artiste wishes to speak to me, how lucky am I. What is this Nadeem? That’s my work. What work yaar? I’m telling you that mummy has accepted you with such love and all you’re doing is continuing to work. Okay fine. I know that your mummy has accepted me and you are very happy with the fact, right? Obviously. Shall I get you to speak to her right now? No, no, no, not right now; I’m too exhausted! My face looks like hell… and what if she doesn’t like me? Come on Tashi yaar,

 you look lovely all the time no matter what so what will one video call do? That I know… but look this is the first time I’m being introduced to my mother-in-law… so don’t you think its better if I when I wake up tomorrow morning I’m rested and properly made up? I’m too tired right now. Nadeem please… Lets go to sleep now and we’ll talk in the morning. Go to sleep. Peace be upon you Peace be upon you What’s the matter… why are both the mother and daughter looking so down and out? There’s nothing left to say and or hear. Obviously. But if you continue to do and think like this then whatever is left of your peace of mind and your happiness will also finish.

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