Dance Deewane Show Serial 2018 to 2019 Colors TV

Dance Deewane Show Serial  2018 to 2019 Colors TV

I know. I would like to stay with you too. But you always keep telling me that no veneration is worth more than someone’s life. I have to go right now. But once that veneration is over I will come right back. Then we will perform the veneration together. – Dad, can we go? – Yes, dear. My son, I understand the situation you are in. But I know about Sarthak’s health too. Srishti is caught between the devil and the deep sea. I wonder how things are in that place? Will she be able to come back here or not? I have an idea for you, my son. Come home with me.
 What? Dad, how can I come with you? Yes, my son. If we have Lord Krishna’s blessing then you and Srishti perform today’s veneration together. Srishti. I am so glad you are here. The veneration will take place in 2 minutes. I have prepared everything. Go and wash your hands. Milk is essential for the Janmashtami veneration. Let me get the milk. – Yes. – Yes, Srishti. Sarthak didn’t allow me to do anything at all! He did everything himself, you know. Srishti, where is your dad? Dad is on his way. It’s time for the veneration. You come soon too. Everything is ready. – ‘You are so cute, mom. – I am not cute at all.’ – ‘Go. – Okay, fine. I will propose.’
 ‘I came into this house so that’ ‘I would not miss Angad.’ ‘But what can I do, my lord?’ ‘How can a mother forget her son?’ ‘Srishti.’ ‘Because of you’ ‘today on Janmashtami’ ‘my son and I are not together.’ ‘I will never forgive you for this.’ ‘Never.’ ‘How did the milk curdle?’ ‘Srishti, let’s see how you perform the veneration now.’ ‘Oh God!’ ‘It’s 11:59 am.’ ‘How can the veneration be concluded without milk?’ ‘I can’t find anyone at this time.’ ‘What should I do?’ Srishti! It’s time for the veneration. What are you doing? What? What is the matter? Oh God! How did the milk curdle? I don’t know, Kalyani. But the veneration can’t be concluded without milk.

It’s time for the veneration

 I just don’t know what is going on here. It is such a happy day today. But nothing is going right! I just don’t know what Lord Krishna wants. Why is he doing this? ‘Lord Krishna has nothing to do with it, I want this.’ ‘I want you to keep crying like this forever.’ Look at this. Srishti, calm down. There is no point in crying now. Let’s see what we can do. Srishti, come soon. It’s time for the veneration. If I meet Sarthak it could be risky for him. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Lord Krishna won’t let anything bad happen on this day. Let’s go. Sarthak. This is Angad. He is my friend’s son.
 He lives nearby. I was coming back from the temple. We met on the road. I brought him so he can participate in the veneration. It’s you! Sarthak? Do you recognize him? Yes! I know him. I met him in the hospital. When I woke up he was in front of me. Yes, my son. Angad helped us out a lot during that time. He spent many nights at the hospital. Thank you so much! For helping our family so much! Sarthak, you don’t have to thank me. It was my duty. ‘Srishti?’ Srishti? Why are you in tears? I kept aside some milk for the veneration. It has curdled and I don’t know how. I just don’t know what to do. It’s so late. How will the veneration take place? It feels as if Lord Krishna doesn’t want it this time. He doesn’t want me to perform the veneration this year.
 My dear, that is not true! Srishti, you get hassled over the most trivial issues! Come on! It’s Janmashtami. There must be some dairy open. I will go and fetch some milk. My son, you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s Lord Krishna’s birthday today! The naughty Lord Krishna. He used to tease his mother. He is not likely to spare devotees like us! The fact is that this morning the milkman gave an extra packet of milk. I figured someone from the family asked for it since it’s a festival. I kept it away. I kept it in the freezer. Let me get it at once. Let me take that. ‘He is my father’ ‘but he always runs to Srishti’s rescue.’ Here you are, dear. You can complete your veneration now. Srishti. Now that everything is okay, can we begin? ‘Why does Kalyani seem so worried?’ ‘Did she plan all of this?’ ‘Why is Angad giving me the hawk eye?’ ‘Does he suspect me, by any chance?’ ‘Even if he does, so what?’ ‘I have the money anyway.’ 

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