Dance + Season 4 2018 To 2019 Star Plus

Dance + Season 4 2018 To 2019 Star Plus

What are you saying? I’m the one who used to say such things. Yes! I’m trying to recall that Ulfat who used to talk like this. I liked that Ulfat better. Stop talking about habits now. Excuse me! Table for two. Let’s go. Oh god! Eat! Why don’t you eat? Yum! I swear Noori, you’ve made our life! Where did you get so much money from? Huh! When was Noori ever poor? She has thousands Thousands! She must have gotten them from there only. 
No, Noori? I didn’t get this money from there. Where did you get it from then? From the naughty. Means? What I mean to say is that there’s a new drama that takes place in the house every day and this money is from that drama only. Don’t make us solve riddles, Noori. Tell us clearly! Just think of it as a sacrifice given by one co wife to another. That’s where I got the money! To hell with you, Noori! You fed us charity food? Listen to me. We don’t have any right on this! Oh, you silly! We have all the rights. This is not from the charity money, it was a drama! We are the ones who are going to have fun from that money, no? Yes, yes.

she took over the remaining amount too! Alright, look

 We are the one’s who’ll enjoy that money. Eat, eat, eat! Oh god, look at this Ulfat! She’s sitting in some grand hotel. She’s really enjoying it! I swear. She has started acting like rich people too! She’s about to become a beggar. What? How? That madam of hers has shown her a big green flag. Our friend has fallen on her face, I swear! And she took over the remaining amount too! Alright, look. Stop it you! Always eating, come here! I’ll place the order. Like always? Here you go, madam. Who can dare stop you? Listen. Get one of this. 
This one. Yeah. And… this. And for drinks… I know the drinks. Ginger mint lemonade for the both of us. Okay, madam. Plain water, please. Madam, I’ll just repeat your order. One crispy jalapeno chicken, one tau, one suji, one falafel. Okay, madam? Thank you. And listen! I know English. You could’ve also called it mineral water instead of plain water. It doesn’t look nice you know. If calling it mineral water changes the waters flavor then I definitely would have said it. You surprise me sometimes. Yes. Indeed. And you surprise me every day these days. Really? Tell me too I should also know what surprises you. Let it be, some other day maybe. 
No. Tell me. I should also know what all the complaints are about. Complaints are made to our own, right? But the one that’s sitting in front of me is not mine, it’s someone else. Are you referring to me? No. I am trying to search for my Ulfat in you. The one who used to get happy with little things. Who used to complain after coming to a big hotel and used to save while ordering. Whose saving had love in it. And the one who had consideration in her order. And who used to call water, water only. And she would order two straws while ordering cold drink saying “this increases love”. I’m searching for that Ulfat. I’m the same Ulfat, Shahan. Really? If you were really the same Ulfat, you would’ve uploaded a picture on Facebook by now. No? Yes, Ulfat. Come, let’s take a selfie together. Come. Shahan, please… , what has happened? You look so pretty. Come, let’s take a selfie. Shahan, everybody’s looking. 

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