Dil Boley Oberoi ,Kunal Jaisingh Omkara Singh Oberoi ,Shrenu Parikh Gauri Kumari Sharma ,Shrenu Parikh Gauri Kumari Sharma, Leenesh Mattoo Rudra Singh Oberoi Leenesh ,Mattoo Rudra Singh Oberoi ,Mansi Srivastava ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore ,Mansi Srivastava ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore


Dil Boley Oberoi ,Kunal Jaisingh Omkara Singh Oberoi ,Shrenu Parikh Gauri Kumari Sharma ,Shrenu Parikh Gauri Kumari Sharma, Leenesh Mattoo Rudra Singh Oberoi Leenesh ,Mattoo Rudra Singh Oberoi ,Mansi Srivastava ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore ,Mansi Srivastava ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore

Money doesn’t make the difference to me. Big name does matter to us. Her name would rise as well, when her name would be associated to mine. If your name would be associated to her, your name would become small too. What are you talking about? Are you people going or not? No. Father has not answered yet. Why are you silent? Atleast say something. No, no. I am really serious. I am not joking. This is not a temporary feeling. This is not infatuation.

I make her understand, man

 I am really serious. I love her. See. Listen to me. If you people don’t go to her house today, then those people would get her engaged. She won’t be able to handle the pressure. This is a temporary attraction. It will be over. This is not the temporary attraction, mother. How should I make her understand, man? Mama, this is not a temporary attraction. You ask Rida. We have known each other for so long. It has been so long. Poor thing was waiting for me for so long. She said no to so many proposals for me. This time, problem is occurring. She won’t be able to handle the pressure. 
Please, you people go. The proposal she has been rejecting till now, they must be so ordinary. They must not be of our status. Atleast, I don’t expect this thing from you. Father, she is really helpless this time. What helplessness? There were no helplessness before. Helplessness occurred for your matter? Hamza, try to understand. She is making a fool out of you. I understand such girls’ mentality very well. Hey, they take the boy to the fairyland first. And then boys like you understand after marriage what has happened to them. Father, I am just talking to you. Matter is so simple. I love her a lot. And she equally loves me too. I understand her loving you. But you loving her, I really think about it as attraction. No, man. I guess I am not able to make them understand. It is my mistake. How should I… Do you have any idea? What should I do? Father, I… You please understand what I have to say now. If Dilnasheen goes out of my life, and if someone else comes in her life, everything will be finished. 

I am unable to eat anything

You don’t want this to happen, right? Then you are just going to her house today evening. You go direct to her house from the office. I will bring these people. Please. I am asking something from you. Answer me. We are going, right? I love you. Just say yes. I am sorry. I will not go. Father? I am talking to him. One second. Father? Father, what is wrong with her, man? Listen to me. Father? Mother? Mother, you please understand what I am saying. I… Mother, I… I can’t talk. I am so worried. I am unable to eat anything. I can’t go to sleep. I have been thinking about it since last night. I am so tensed. Please, do something.
 Please somehow stop this engagement. Please, I will not ask anything from you again. You just convince dad in the evening. Go to her house in the evening. Please, go today. Whatever you will say tomorrow, I will agree. Today, stop this engagement somehow. Please. Hamza. See, listen to me. This happens. It happens in this age. Emotions come like storm. They are not controlled. One can’t understand what is happening. Then one forgets. I can’t forget her, man. Why is she not understanding what I am saying, man? I have said I can’t forget her. Mother? I have never been stubborn with you. If I am doing it today, then there must be something. Because we didn’t refuse anything that you were stubborn for. As soon as you spoke, we fulfilled it. Hamza, daughter-in-law should be the one who is of your level. So that she can handle the burden of your family and its name. You are making a mistake. You are making a mistake. 

 Please try to understand

You won’t be able to handle me. You will get to know about it. Hamza? Hamza? Hamza listen to me? Hamza? Hamza? Hamza please, listen. Hamza, please try to understand. Mother father will agree. Open the gate. Open the gate. Hamza, no. Don’t open it. Hamza? Hamza, please try to understand. Mother father will agree. I will make them understand. Don’t go. Hamza, no. Hamza? Shit. Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother, he went out hastily. He is not listening to me. Mother, please. You agree. What are you trying to make me understand? It’s all because of you. Come on, mother. Please. Please try to understand. Won’t you have breakfast? No. Okay, come here. What am I saying Dilnasheen? Are you not listening? Yes? Come here. Mother, I don’t want to have breakfast. Come here. I want to talk to you. Come. Yes? Go ahead. Then what have you thought? What should I think? I have said no. But I have decided that I will say yes.
 Mother, what is wrong with you? And I don’t understand what storm has come? What is my fault? What do you mean by “fault”? I don’t want to get married to him. Then who do you want to get married to? Then whom do you want to marry? I don’t to get married to anyone. I don’t want to marry. See, Dilnasheen. Don’t bother me and yourself by talking about so childish and useless things, They are so nice and from good family background. Above all, they are close relatives of Afia. Mother… Hello, Fari? Go somewhere else to talk. Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you. Hello? Yes, Fari hello? What are you saying? I can’t hear you. Hello? Hello? Yes? Yes, Hamza. Go ahead? What did they say? They have refused. They refused? Don’t worry. I will not give up. I will compel them to say yes and to go to your house. 

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