Dil Se Dil Tak Drama Serial 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Dil Se Dil Tak Drama Serial  2018 To 2019 Colors TV

  Okay, open the door please. He is coming! Assalamualaikum. Walikum assalam. Is Kashf baji here? She is here sister but right now it’s very crowded inside, she won’t be able to meet you. You sit outside, I’ll send some food. Brother Imtiaz I say you put up a board saying ‘house full’ outside. Alright take this. I have kept your ten thousand separately. Here Put it in my pocket yourself. What if I take out the money already in there? I trust you. God you are great. You are amazing my lord.
 Oh Imtiaz! My life! You know that mom loves you. Right? Tell me the work you want me to do mother. What work would I have son? There is no work, I just wanted some money. Its Shumaila’s wedding so I was thinking to get some clothes made. Oh mother, you are always asking for money. Wear the same you wore last time, who would be seeing you? God will question you. You used to say that when you will get the money you will get me sandalwood beetle nut box, silver pot and now? You are keeping each penny from me. Where will you take all this money? I have to do a lot mother.
 I have to make this house into three stories, three stories. In the lower portion there will only be the sanctuary. One side will be for men and the other side for women, the food area and then my office will be made too. What will you do in the office? You have never gone to the school, I used to beat you to go to school. I will be giving amulets. Amulets? You just wait and watch mother, how our business expands. I will expand it. 

What are you

Alright fine, give me this for now. Give me some money. Give it. Oh mother, not now. Oh mother what are you doing? You tore it! Numbers have torn too, the bank won’t take it back either. Now what? Leave it, I’ll make it work somehow. Look, I want three thousand, three thousand. No, you can’t get three thousand mother. Why can’t I get them? Who is stopping me? Oh! What are you? Stop her! She has closed the door too. I have gone crazy collecting money and mother’s expenses have no end. She will get dressed and go to the wedding… Mom, what are you doing? Oh honey, let me press them. You just be tired. Have you ever gotten tired? You do so much for us. 
A mother never gets tired, a child gets tired. Really? Do you see that in me? I don’t see that now but you will get tired one day. When a mother does something for her child, she keeps on doing it. She doesn’t realize her tiredness. God has made a mother like that. She has so much love for her child in her heart that she would give even her life’s her last breath to her. But this passion is not there in every relation. Till when will you do this? I haven’t even done anything yet and you are already talking about me getting tired? Mom, can I say something? Go ahead. Save some money from the house expenses and start making things for Zoya and Erum’s dowry.
 We will get them married extravagantly. We will not let there be anything missing. Exactly how uncle is getting Shumaila married. InshAllah. And when will you get married? When my fate will allow it, it will happen. Come Kashf, you too get henna on your hands. No I don’t want to get it. Please get it. Get Zoya have it before me. My henna? That’s done. Look. 

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