Ek Deewaana Tha Seris Colors Tv All Episode 2018 To 2019

Ek Deewaana Tha Seris Colors Tv All Episode 2018 To 2019

 Oh, so whenever you get to talk to him do tell him that Mr. Imtiaz’s case will only then be filed when he will pay the advance amount. Okay. Listen, have deposited the cash? I will just do it in a while. Please do it soon and these are some medicines bring these immediately. For god sake, do something regarding my bail. if you had sat at the sanctuary I could have arranged the best lawyer. All this has happened because of you. 

You only found my house to destroy? If anything happens to my son, I will kill myself and kill you too. How will we arrange so much money? If you people had listened to me, you people wouldn’t have gone through so much loss, your father wouldn’t have been in behind prison bars and Wajdan wouldn’t have been in the hospital after working so hard for your father and you wouldn’t have been standing here helpless in front of me with a lowered gaze but now the time has passed. Here, go get your father bailed. There is a problem. 

Didn’t Erum send money

Now I don’t trust you people so I want to deal with some papers. This is a contract, it says that whatever is earned at the sanctuary will be divided fifty fifty between us. The food money, the collected charity, in the evening all will be equally divided between us. If you agree then sign on this so that your father is released from jail and your husband comes back home. I will sign. Take this. Go. Listen, the car will come to your house tomorrow, come to the sanctuary on time. Where were you? The nurse has asked about you so many times Did you arrange the money? Didn’t Erum send money? All that was spent on medicines, only this much is left. I have arranged the money.
 Here, please count.Kashf, Where did you arrange the money from? I just did. You go home dadi alone you must be tired. You go home You take care of yourself I am fine Assalamualaikum Mr. Lawyer, it’s Kashf speaking. Walkium assalam. Has your husband gained consciousness? Not yet. Pick up your payment tomorrow and please try that father gets bailed as soon as possible. Yes yes, God willingly.
 Hello. Assalamualaikum aunty. Kashf, Kashf please forgive me. I found out later that Wajdan has had an accident and he is in the hospital. Send someone to get the money aunty, I am at the hospital. But What was she saying? Go, go and get your money. O Allah ! My husband’s life is with you now Please keep him under Your protection Grant him a long life I am tired now Don’t put me under more tests, my Lord Grant me whatever is beneficial for me Forgive my sins Ameen Are you Mrs. Wajdan? Yes The doctor is calling you How is Wajdan feeling now, Doctor? By God’s grace, He is better than before You can take him home in few days Can I meet him? He is unconscious right now You can meet him once we shift him to the ward Okay. Thank you, Doctor O Allah. All praises to You Is my bail sorted? Yes You had to get a bail as I had gotten your case, Mr. Imtiaz Can I go home now, officer? Yes Yes. You can. Come Will you drop me home? Yes Yes for sure. Why not. Come. Actually, I am used to commuting in my car so I find it difficult commuting in Taxis or Rickshaws. I will get my house back, won’t I? Yes Yes for sure why not. But for this I would have to file a separate case. And would the fees be additional? Definitely oho… Wish I had become a lawyer Let’s Go Come 

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