Ishq Mein Marjawan Series 2018 To 2019 Colors Tv

Ishq Mein Marjawan Series  2018 To 2019 Colors Tv

Yes, of course they will give money Then tell them Kashf madam is ready to meet them and ask them for money. Alright sure. Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam. I have prepared the case, I will go to the police station in a few days and I will ask Mr. Imtiaz to sign the power of attorney Did we discuss my fee? No.. Tell me, how much will your fee be? I don’t charge less than 2.5 lacs but you were referred to me by Mr. Qureshi so you can give me 50 thousand in advance and 1.5 lacs after the case is done. Alright, I’ll come to your office in a few days Alright. We’ll file the case as soon as you pay the advance.
 Thank you. Mom.. What are you doing? What? Nothing… Come here.. Kashf.. What is it? What is this you are doing? Return the money. No, I won’t give it. Mom, return the money. What will happen if you will meet these people? We’ll be able to cook food in our house. So much happened mom and you’re still oblivious. There will be no food cooked in this house from this money. Hand it to me.. No, I won’t give it. Mom, return the money.
 No! Mom, I beg of you to return me the money. Return me the money mom. give me back the money.. Noi No Kashf.. give me back the money.. Shahbaz! Yes Kashf madam? Can we come? All of you wait here, I’ll call you.. I had told you that the Sanctuary won’t open then why did these people come inside and why did you take money from them? I had come to meet Haji sir then they also came inside seeing me. Then your mom asked me if they’ll give money if they will get to meet Kashf madam and I said yes. Hold this and return them their money.

 I’ll ask Wajdan to give it to you today only

 Mr. Imtiaz, sign on this power of attorney. When will I get bail? I will file the case tomorrow then we’ll see what the court decides. Should I hope for the good? Inshallah, all will be good. I will be leaving now. Khuda hafiz You’re Kashf right? Yes. Give Mr. Wajdan my message, that I have started my work but he hasn’t given me my fees yet. How much is your fee? 2 lac rupees. 50 thousand advance and the rest after the case is done. Alright. I’ll ask Wajdan to give it to you today only. Alright. Asalam o alikum Wow. 
At first you destroyed me and now you’re praying for my well being. Do you have no concern for me, in what condition I am. For god sake, do something regarding my bail. You should have hired a bigshot lawyer, you hired a lawyer who takes 2 lacs? You should have at least hired a lawyer who takes 10 to 15 lacs. Wajdan is trying dad.. Oh.. ‘Wajdan is trying..’ Wajdan.. I have to beg Wajdan because of you, because of you! 
If you didn’t want this it wouldn’t have happened. For God’s sake honey, if you had sat at the sanctuary I could have arranged the best lawyer. Why are you being stubborn? Why? Why are you stopping yourself? Because of Wajdan? We are no one to you? I am your father, your father. I have brought you up myself. Have some realization. I must have done some good for you in life or have I not done anything good for you all your life? Can’t you see my state? Don’t you feel sorry for me? Look at this, look at all this sweat. Look at my state here.

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