Ishqbaaaz Serials | Surbhi Chandna,Nakuul Mehta,Kunal Jaisingh,Leenesh Mattoo,Shrenu Parikh

Ishqbaaaz Serials | Surbhi Chandna,Nakuul Mehta,Kunal Jaisingh,Leenesh Mattoo,Shrenu Parikh

Ishqbaaaz Serials | Surbhi Chandna,Nakuul Mehta,Kunal Jaisingh,Leenesh Mattoo,Shrenu Parikh

Where are you? What are you doing sitting here? Give him this. One minute, look at this. My beloved Roshni. Yes, I will still call you beloved, you are upset, still. Umar. Umar, I have some work, come please. Go ahead. Sorry. Sorry, man. Okay, I shouldn’t have doubted Roshni like this, should I hold my ears? What are you doing? Put your hands down, what will people think? Talk to the groom, go. Okay, forgive me. I am not upset with you, I can never be upset with you, you are my best friend and the secret keeper of my love. I hope my love survives. Don’t worry. Hey, fix that. These people ignore things a lot. I was waiting for so long, I am bored sitting at home, don’t know where aunty is. You too have come right now. Are you not tired since morning? No, I don’t get tired, aunt Shahista gave me the responsibility for handling two rooms.

you consider us your guests?

 Actually uncle is coming, and he is really fussy about things, so mama is conscious. She wants everything to be perfect. Aunt never thought of me like that, I am also a guest, God knows where aunt is and you came at 12. Okay, you consider us your guests? You are our own, specially mama thinks you are our own. I didn’t know that you will have complaints like strangers. Okay, did you eat? No, I am hungry. Lets order pizza. Chicken Tikka. Yes. I came here with the hope to meet you, the dream to make you mine, the dream will come true soon Roshni, you might have left disappointed, please come back, I am waiting for you. DO you want something else? Nothing. Yes. How do we play this? I am too tired, you figure out yourself. Your pizza is coming, I will go change. Yeah, yeah. Man, Maheen, I had told you earlier to tell him not message me, I am busy, I don’t want to talk to him. On top of that, he is so cheap, class.

had his own home and a government home

You tell him yourself, tell him that I am happy seeing someone’s money and home, we cannot live together, sorry. Hello, two proposals came for you too, one had a general store and a rental home, the other was an employee at WAPDA, had his own home and a government home, who did you say yes too? One minute, one minute Roshni. First thing, I didn’t give anyone hope or gave them false hope, my mother kept both these proposals in front of me, and the decision was her too. Man ,don’t be sarcastic. Tell him not message me, I don’t want to talk to him tell him to forget me, ok? or I will treat him bad. What worse can you do Roshni? Because of you, he won’t be able to leave the wedding, nor will he be able to fake a smile in front of people. His heart will be broken, he won’t be able to do anything. I am putting down the phone. Bye. Hello. Hello. Oh well. Oh God, the swimming pool.


I have to congratulate her. 

Shahista, you now have a pretty home, now get it in order get a daughter in law. Think she is here. Hello Hello Sister in law Shahista, you are really lucky. Where did you get this maid from? You like her that much? I have been seeing her since I came Then appreciate me. Absolutely. Almas, serve the food. Have it. Hey, where are you coming? This is a function for girl. You consider us girls. No, I said no, so no. Sister in law, I have to congratulate her. Move. I said no, so no. Come on move. hey.. Congratulations. Umar. come on, eat it. She is not here today, she will come tomorrow. Mama, eat it. Hey No, you will have to. Such a small bite? Sister in law, you too eat. Hey…Come in front man, what are you doing there? Come on. Please, Roshni, try and understanding. It was a misunderstanding? Misunderstanding? If it was a misunderstanding then why didn’t your mother clear it out? You too stayed quiet.

where are you coming?

 Am I a servant of this home? this is why I never wanted to shift to Pakistan, I can’t take this family politics. Look Roshni, my mother lives with her in-laws the same way your mother lives with her in-laws. I just cleared it all. Roshni, I know you didn’t like it, I swear to God, I feel really bad about it but you will have to ignore a few things. If you want to live in this home, then not just me and mama, you too will have to ignore a few things, so please ignore a few things. Fine, but only cause you asked me. Please stop crying. Come I will get you coffee, ok? Not coffee, I will have ice cream Fine, let’s have ice cream. Hey, you sshould have stopped Mansoor, his wife had to go to the parlor, will he sit there for 3 hours and guard her? Naija has the habit of keeping her husband close. Brother Farid. Yeah? the boys family called. Why? All ok? They want us to send the thing from the dowry Why is that? They are coming to the function in the evening, we will send the things by tomorrow. Its fine, Umar. they are so weird, why the mistrust, the thing would reach tomorrow.

we need to deliver it today?

No, they were saying, they will set the things before the bride comes home. Umar. what happened? All ok? you do one thing, go… Papa, I cannot go anywhere, we are doing something. What are you doing? For the past 3 days you have been dancing and singing and nothing else. Mahi’s things need to be delivered at her in laws, arrange a leader. we need to deliver it today? Are we sending her away too? why would we do it today? Zakia, you can never be sure, like those people became stubborn, that the wedding should be done on the mendhi, now they are asking for the things, you never know, they might want to take her after the wedding. what are you saying? Stop it now. Why are standing? Go now. okay, its not been 2 minute… Okay listen, tell Nofil to… they don’t seem like good people.Okay, stop. Stop it now my son is tired. Fine, we will meet tomorrow at 5 PM. Bye your tea. I spoke to your mother on the phone, I thought she would come, but… But the thing is, mama said that you have gone, that’s enough.

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