Jodha Akber Series November 2018 Zee TV

Jodha Akber Series November 2018 Zee TV

Keep quiet! You have been talking non-stop! What has happened to you now? Why have you stopped the car? Just keep on driving! This is not a scene! You are eavesdropping on us? Keep on driving! They are always eavesdropping! I was just saying this… Shut up! Don’t say a word or else I’ll strangle you! No need to tell me what I need to do in my life, you understand? Yes, Ulfat what’s up? You took very long in picking up, huh? Yes, I was busy… Yes, I know all about what keeps you busy.

You did this last night as well

Really? What keeps me busy? Tell me as well. Putting other’s happiness on fire! Poisoning everything and laying out thorns on the path! Come on Ulfat! I did all of this and I didn’t even find out myself. Those who start the fire don’t realize the burns. You did this last night as well. This is why Shahan was singing lullabies for you whereas kept me sleeping on the thorns! Ulfat, why are you talking like this? Why are you getting angry? I am praising the strength of your love! By the way you are speaking, I think you are restless but you are longing for it instead! Shafaq! Infact I may be wrong; you are not longing but you are jealous.

The point of the call is that I want my money

 No need to enjoy me getting jealous, because if I come to burning you in jealousy then you wont even find your dust. Tell me now why have you called me, you for sure didn’t call me bevause you miss me. Ofcourse, such bad days haven’t come yet! The point of the call is that I want my money. Why? You like something silly again? You mind your business. Do as I ask you to do. Okay Ulfat, you will get the money but what is the hurry? You don’t understand? I want my money! I want my 50 million! And that too right now, this minute! I will give it to you Ulfat, I will give it!

You aren’t getting apples from the market

I don’t carry so much money in my pocket do I? If you need money so much then give me your account number and I’ll transfer some money right now. : I am not asking for charity here! I have sacrificed the happiness of my home, I have made a trade with you. You aren’t getting apples from the market that if you don’t pay for it, I’ll forget. Don’t take advantage of my nobleness! Nobleness? Those who trade relationships for money shouldn’t be talking like this. Shafaq! I am not done yet! And I do not like it if someone interrupts me while I am speaking.

If you talk about money before then

This is why listen to me once and for all. Keep your cries regarding your sacrifice to yourself because I know your worth and status very very clearly! And where money is concerned, I will give you the money when I have them on me. If you talk about money before then, otherwise there will be no one worse than me! And don’t call me again and again, I am not your slave! What happened? She cut the phone? Huh, trusting her was a mistake you made! Your madam has shown you the green flag hasn’t she! I will not give up so easily. You will also see, if I do not destroy her then my name shall not be Ulfat. She has only seen my face so far, now what I am capable of! Yes, Yes. I understand. Okay, I will tell him. Okay, Okay. Strange, very strange


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