kahan hum kahan tum 2020 – Dipika Kakar,Karan Grover,Abhishek Malik,Farnaz Shetty,Pravisht Mishra,Shalini Kapoor

kahan hum kahan tum 2020 – Dipika Kakar,Karan Grover,Abhishek Malik,Farnaz Shetty,Pravisht Mishra,Shalini Kapoor

kahan hum kahan tum 2020 - Dipika Kakar,Karan Grover,Abhishek Malik,Farnaz Shetty,Pravisht Mishra,Shalini Kapoor
Pakistan in the Turkish drama aired in Urdu translation onTelevision (PTV), Ertugrul Ghazi Actor Jangiz Joshkun, who played the role of Turgat Alphas revealed that he Pakistan several girls from. marriage was offered tHe admitted in a TV interview that Pakistan ofinand Ertugrul Ghazi his popularity increased after the broadcast it was only after the drama was aired that heby Pakistani girls marriage was offered.

He also expressed his conditional willingness to work in Pakistani dramas and films. In the interview, he thanked the Pakistanis for their appreciation and said, “Thank you for all your love, I expect to one day.” Pakistan comeAs long as you are safe and healthy.
Referring to his personal life, the militants said, “Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim Turkey . I was born in Istanbul,.”

“I’m not Turgut Alp, who plays married yet, but I’ve been liking someone for a long time,” said a basketball player 10 years ago and a professional for three years. However, after the injury, I quit basketball, after which I started modeling and then acting. WhenPakistan asked about coming, Jangiz Joshkun said that the global epidemic has spread over the world and when everyone will be safe.to Pakistan I would like to come, I will come here soon.

To a question, the character of Turgut Alp said that ifPakistani drama and film the story and character offit me and I am passionate about it, then I will do the necessary work. Jangiz Joshqun while addressing Shahid Afridi said That Lala, whenever I Pakistan come to from cricket I would like learn you on which Shahid Afridi invited him to Pakistan come to and said that I will host you, You to cricket will teachplayand you will teach me to wield an ax. ۔

He said jengiz jusqu’a dyrylys Ertugrul from the beginning, and so that I did not improve my performance next time hebel.art girl Ghazi thatto use only part of the ax he said Turgut my There was a choice because I wanted each character in the story to have a different character, so I did it and practiced it because everyone else was using the sword.

The actor said that before the shooting of the play Ertugrul, I practiced ax-wielding, I rode for three months and received weapons training. Jangiz Joshkun said that he was several times during the shooting of the play. injured The wind blew and once my elbow was broken. He called the character of Turgut Ertugrul Ghazi his favorite character of and said that he was proud because I think I did a great job and people appreciate it. Respect which is very important to me.

“Bamsi and Duan are my best friends and we’re still in touch, we meet when we’re not busy,” said Jangiz Joshkun. “Many of my favorites are related to Derelish Ertugrul’s favorite scene.” There are scenes, however, the episode in which I was tortured a lot was a very difficult and very emotional scene.
He is a very good actor. To a question, he said that I am not a part of Koralish Usman. He said that I know that people want me to do this series but I will not get involved in it.
airing the drama and advising people to watch it Prime Minister ThankingImran Khan for, he said, “When we started this drama, everyone was saying we can’t do it but I was sure we could do it.”
He got his popularity from Instagram and I got Pakistan manyfrom marriage proposalsbut Ieveryone marry can’t.
“I Pakistani like biryani very much and when Ito Pakistan comeI will Karachi and Lahore eat biryani from bothI will tell you which biryani is better,” said Jangiz Joshkun.  At the end of the program, Jangiz Joshqunin Urdu Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan also said and to all of you Eid saying ‘Happy’ world by also expressing his best wishes to all Muslims around the.

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