Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai ,Sukirti Kandpal ,Geeta Agrawal Sharma,Gaurav S Bajaj,Suyyash Rai,Mona Ambegaonkar


Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai ,Sukirti Kandpal ,Geeta Agrawal Sharma,Gaurav S Bajaj,Suyyash Rai,Mona Ambegaonkar

The boy is really good. I know him very well. He is the owner of such a big construction company. And even my office. has been constructed by his company. and a lot of such offices and houses, has been designed by him. I love you. But I don’t want to get married now. I can’t even think about it. I want to study for now. Consider a no from my side. Dilnasheen? Listen to me. Dilnasheen? Who is calling? Hello? Hello, Hamza? Who is she? She is Dilnasheen. Dilnasheen, speak? Hamza, a proposal has come for me. What? Right now? Not not now. When I was at your place, that time. He is the sister-in-law’s brother’s brother-in-law. And all these people are convinced for that proposal, and they want me to give the answer, and that too a “yes”. His proposal has come. But Dilnasheen, how come everyone was convinced this fast? See, I don’t know how these people are convinced so easily. But brother Yawar is saying that he is the owner of a construction company. 

 I will say no

If it was in their hands these people would send me right away. Okay, you just relax please. I… Dad is still in Pakistan. And he never says no to anything I say. And I promise you. And I will send him to your house before he goes back from Pakistan. I promise. You don’t worry. Okay? Dilnasheen? Hamza, mother is on the door. Dilnasheen, why is the door closed? Open it. If you can do anything, then please do it. This is not an ordinary proposal for which I will say no, and it will be refused. Please. I am so afraid listening to the praises of that man. When did I say I am delaying, man? I will do something. I will do something fast. Open, Dilnasheen. I have to go to sleep too. Yes, mother. Coming. Man, relax Dilnasheen. What is wrong with you? I will talk. Let me reach home. Please. Dilnasheen, open the door. Hamza, I will call you myself. You don’t call. Mother is on the door. She is coming to sleep. Bye. Dilnasheen, I have to go to sleep too. What happened? A proposal has come for her, man. I have to talk to him. Please check, where is he? It’s turned off. Why is his number turned off? Ask mother.

she lend them in need

 What is this behavior? Why were you not opening the door? Actually, mother. I was changing. Were you changing? But you are still wearing the same clothes. Yes, I was searching. Why were you searching in my closet? Yes. I… I don’t know. One minute. Show me here. Where has this watch come from? Aunty Somia gifted me. Why? Actually… Gifts are taken from those who can afford to return. And return Rida’s clothes too. The one she gifted? She didn’t gift, she lend them in need. Mother, what does it have to do now? This is the time for this talk. Your proposal that has come, I am so happy for that. I know about your wishes. That’s why. Allah has made all your wishes come true. And now no need to live on these borrowed dresses, and gifts given by her mother. Marry a respectable man. Keep him happy, and get happiness yourself, too. That boy has money and rank apart from nobility and good family background. And that is his added goodness. 

I am telling you

Not a boy, rather a man. Okay see, don’t be rude. Fine. He is 15 years older than you. But he is still a boy. Your father and I had the same age difference. These things don’t mater. Now only a crazy person would say no to the proposal because of the age difference. Fine. Then consider me a crazy person. Okay, you listen to me. Now, there is no use of arguing this time. Now, you just change and go to sleep. We will talk in the morning. We will not talk. We will solve this matter. I am telling you. Change the clothes. And come, sleep. I am your mother, right? Don’t be my mother. When will these people go? Hamza. You know already that father hardly sits with his friends. You can to him talk later on. When will I talk later on, man? We will talk tomorrow whenever we will find the right time. You know that if you will talk to father now, he will take your matter so lightly. Okay? Parents’ guests are here. As soon as they go, I will talk. What do you think? What do you think, will your parents agree? What do you think, will your parents agree? They have listened to everything till today. They have listened to everything till today.

being disturbed with the message

 Then, just convince your family. Rest, I will see. Then, just convince your family. Rest, I will see. Who is on the phone? Yes? Who is on the phone? It is Rida. Turn it off. Don’t you have peace? What kind of a friendship is this? Neither there is peace in the daytime, nor in the nighttime. Turn it off. Will you take all these habits in your next house? What’s wrong, mother? We talk every day. Now, the situation is different. You are going to another house. Turn it off. My sleep is being disturbed with the message tone. Turn it off. Now go to sleep silently. Shall I make the tea? Yes, please. Thank you. Good morning, dad. Good morning. Hamza didn’t come yet? Hmm. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Wow. Today, Hamza has come for his father early morning. Otherwise, his morning usually happens after 02:00pm. Tell me foreigner man, what should be presented to you? What’s the matter? My son, in front of me, but so silent. Is everything alright? What happened? You were okay last night. Why are you silent today? Actually… I have something important to talk to yay no. And that matter would be over. Like 

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