Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Drama Serial 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Drama Serial  2018 To 2019 Colors TV

 She doesn’t have a fracture and nor does she have any serious injury. And by when can she go home? Another day or so. Then that’s good news. Thank you doctor. Why didn’t you note his number! Who’s number? The number of the car that hit you! Why are you saying such things. Let her rest. I want to speak to you Bay ji, come outside with me.

 Lets go outside Bay ji! I’ll just be back Nadra ji. Oh God, this girl is also an odd ball. Chohte sarkar got Noshi and Parvez married but how will this marriage ever work? He could have come up with something else to stop Noshi from modelling. This way he’s made their life even more difficult. I wonder how that mother and daughter are faring. Hello… hello Noshi? Yes my dear? Aunty, mummy’s foot is sprained badly and although she doesn’t have a fracture she’s in a lot of discomfort. God have mercy. Bay ji told me! But thank god my sister’s life was saved. 

You know about commitment and then its also another city

Dont worry. What is the doctor saying? Yes, they’re seeing to her… but you tell me, when are you coming back? I’ll be back soon child… just a few more days. You know about commitment and then its also another city. It will take a little time. But don’t worry I’ll stay in touch, okay? Dont be scared my dearest. Okay so listen, is Nadra conscious? No, she’s sleeping. Doctors have sedated her. Alright my love. Just take care of her and give her lots of love from me. I’ll be back soon, God willing, okay? Okay, May God protect you. May God protect you. Don’t worry, I’m there.
 And besides she’s fine. She’s not fine. Had she been fine, doctors would not have sedated her to sleep or kept her her. Okay fine… look I’ll speak to the doctor again to reassure you. And listen I might just drop by the house before heading back here, alright? Okay then. Please get well soon my Ma. Yes, fine. Yes, I understand. I’ve arrived. I’ll speak to you in a bit. Okay I’ll let you know. Uh… Excuse me. 
Please get the sheets… Bay ji? Noshi? Bay ji… Bay ji, he… he’s come there! Who’s come where? Pir Wasif… Chohte sarkar… he’s followed me to the hospital. What was Pir Wasif doing there? But he married you to me and then saw you off… could be he’s come for some work of his own. What work could he have come for Bay ji! He came after me! Look its a hospital so anyone can come at any time. Did he say something to you? No, no, I hid. The moment I saw him I just hid! I got a nurse to sit with Ma and I came running home to you. 

You mother and daughter really

The moment I saw that evil spirit… my soul trembled. I’m really feeling afraid Bay ji. This is not that Chohte sarkar’s small sanctuary. Its a whole city. And I think you’ve forgotten how I got you out of that man’s clutches. He wont dare to look at my wife. I’m there arent I? Trust me. I… may I sit with you out here for a bit. The moment I become normal, I’ll go back to Ma. Yes, why not. Have a seat. Dont worry. I wont let you go to the hospital alone. If you go then I’ll go along with you. Thank you. But till when will you stand duty by me my child? I’ll do it until you are able to stand on your own two feet, is that understood! Go and get some rest at home.
 See! Look at the way she’s talking Bay ji; did you hear her? You mother and daughter really fight a lot. There’s no love like this. I’m not in the mood for any jokes now and… not at all! I’m totally in the mood for jokes and I’m also starving. Come on lets go eat somewhere and come back. Hunger? Is this any time to discuss food! Go on child. And get me something as well. No. Your food will be ordered from here. I’ll, in fact, order you some soup, you can drink that and that’s it. Come on yaar lets go. You’ve got your mother telling you on one side and on the other side you have… uh… and on the other side you have your your husband telling you. 
Uh hmm… Come along. Da… where are you? Were you calling out for me You sold your house? What else was I to do… Natasha requested it of me with such love that I couldn’t refuse. And besides I’m a homeless man. What I sold was a house, not a home. Yaar… that house was your only property and even then you went and sold it? A very important property of mine is buried in the deep recesses of my decisions. The day that comes out, your father’s name will be mentioned amongst those of wealthiest. Yes fine, show it to me. Its almost done. Thank you. Mr. And Mrs. Parvez Ahmed. 

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