Kumkum Bhagya Series 2018 To 2019 Zee TV

Kumkum Bhagya Series 2018 To 2019 Zee TV

Okay Ulfat madam. Go! Yes I am leaving. No, Shahan. I don’t think we should do this. Why not? I mean, what’s the problem? Problem? Ulfat is the one who’s going to have a problem. You know that. Look, Shafaq… Shahan, I know why you want to do this. 

that I react like her

Because you’re scared that I might take offence the way Ulfat did last night, right? Why? Did she say anything to you about this? Yes, she did but I didn’t take offence by what she said. She was right I guess. But that also doesn’t mean that I react like her. I’m different. And you know that, right? I’m not saying that I’m nice and Ulfat isn’t but you know what I mean, don’t you? I know what you mean. And thank you for always understanding. That’s it. 

I want you to feed me like you used to before

This is the smile that I like! Really? You just like the smile? And… what about my laughter? Laughter? That’s just deadly! Oh my! I don’t want to have food Hadi, have your dinner! I don’t want to have food from your hands! I want my mom to feed me! I want you to feed me like you used to before! What misbehavior is this? Don’t you have the manners to talk? Alright, you go. Is this how you talk? This is what your school teaches you? I don’t want to eat from her hands, I want to eat from yours… Alright, I am feeding you! Stand quietly! Come on, sit!

I don’t want to eat

 You just don’t have the manners to talk! Come on, eat it! I don’t want to eat from your hands. You aren’t the same mom! Hadi, don’t misbehave. Open your mouth, I’m running late! I don’t want to eat! You don’t want to eat? You don’t want to eat at all? Alright. You won’t have dinner tonight. 

Do you see the child

You’ll go to sleep hungry today. Do you understand? Come on, go. Go and sleep in your room. Go to sleep hungry! I won’t go. Neither am I going to eat, nor am I going to go to the school tomorrow. I want to go to dad and Shafaq mom! Shafaq mom is very nice. She doesn’t scold me like you do! You like Shafaq? And what about me? Me, your mom? Am I bad? Am I bad? Yes, you are bad! You will misbehave with me? Dad! Ulfat, what is this? Do you see the child? How ill-mannered he has become? Is this how you talk to your mother? He isn’t going to learn manners through violence, right Ulfat? Shahan, I did not ask anyone. Alright? I know how I want to train my child very well! Hadi, come here right away. 

 you’re going to treat him

No, I’m not coming. I don’t want to talk to anyone! Hadi… Hadi, listen to me! Ulfat, what has happened to you? He’s a child! He will become ill-mannered if this is how you’re going to treat him! Let go of my hand! : I know who’s encouraging him to become this way! He’s here to make me understand…

What are you saying

 Hadi! Ulfat. Ulfat… Shahan, where are you going? To talk to her. Where else? She’s angry right now. The matter is going to worsen if you go and talk to her right now. So then what should I do? I’ll go talk to her. Yes, so she misbehaves more with you. What are you saying? Such things do happen in a house. She might’ve had a misunderstanding and anyway, she’s like a sister to me. I can’t take offence by what she says.

 Alright? You sit down. You relax and sit down. I don’t get you two. What does he think of himself? Everyone’s been insulting me as per their wish. And this Hadi? I’ll deal with him in the morning. He’s become way too ill mannered! Ulfat!Ulfat! One minute. 

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