Kundali Bhagya Series November 2018 Zee Tv

Kundali Bhagya Series November 2018 Zee Tv

 What happened dad? Shafaq, is your phone off? No, it is turned on. Why? Ulfat is saying your phone is off? What? Why has Ulfat called you? I am also wondering why she called me. Ulfat said something that is making me wonder a lot as to why she said that What did she say? She was saying that you have taken a loan for something and if you don’t make the payment then it would result in a lot of trouble. Your really have to give someone their money, Shafaq? No dad.

it would result in a lot of trouble

 Then why is Ulfat saying that? Oh! Oh God! I am so stupid! Dad, I had to give money in the name of charity. For charity? Yes! When Shahan’s mother came back from the hospital then I had promised I’ll give some charity to the helpers. Ulfat is so superstitious that she keeps on reminding me that I have to give money with my own hands only.

you have bought a house so far away

 Oh, its just this small thing? I got worried for nothing. Come on, let’s have coffee now. Thank you. It was just this small thing and I was worrying for nothing. I also got scared dad and I need to give credit to Ulfat for this fear. Hey Farzana, you have bought a house so far away that just the thought of visiting tires me. What could I have done Rakshanda? This was Ulfat’s wish otherwise you know my heart is at unease in such big houses.

And who is she? Hey, this is Ulfat

 You are right. Such a big house, that one would get lost in it. By the way, where is your millionaire daughter in law? She went to the market. Here she is! Ulfat see who has come to meet us. Rakshanda aunt! Hi aunty. Farzana, since when I am an aunty? And who is she? Hey, this is Ulfat, who else? Wow! If someone just changes their grooming a bit, then they won’t be recognizable? Oh, I was saying it just like that.

Rakshanda, please stay so we can have lunch

 I haven’t seen you like this before. So now you’ve seen me, haven’t you? Aunt, shall I go now? Also make sure to feed her, there is a lot of food anyway. Rakshanda, please stay so we can have lunch. I wont be able to digest this food based on humiliation. I made a mistake that I came here today out of my love for you.

And any way, Shafaq isn’t that stupid either

 But here, the entire situation is out of hands. Farzana, your daughter in law has gotten the greed for wealth and once they get that, they are not mindful of anyone’s respect. I shall leave. Rakshanda, please stay. Only go after having lunch. Now you only suffer, you have lost Ulfat… No, no. Listen to me…Listen to me. Oho! Ulfat madam, I am getting fearful. Fearful of what? What you told to Shafaq’s dad, if she tells everything? Do I look stupid to you? And any way, Shafaq isn’t that stupid either. So just chill. Let me also relax, have to go for dinner tonight. I am getting restless.

Why is she quiet

 And this silence from Shafaq’s end, this is creating a lot of fears. Ulfat madam, if her dad tells everything. Ulfat madam, why is she asking? Why isn’t she calling? Why is she quiet? She must be thinking of her next move, you understand? I am also not that innocent or naïve, my move will trump all her moves. You will see. She will need to give the money, poor her. She will give the money? Ofcourse, even her daddy will give it.
 Give me another cucumber. But Ulfat madam, I was saying that… Okay, enough. Keep quiet. Don’t you dare say a word now. Now go from here, go! You’ve raised my blood-pressure. Go now, go and check if my clothes are ready And listen, don’t show me your face right before dinner. Your depressing face. Let me relax, okay.

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