Love Ka Hai Intezaar Episode 1 To 120 dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Love Ka Hai Intezaar All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

 Love Ka Hai Intezaar Episode 1 To 120 dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Love Ka Hai Intezaar All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

What are you afraid of? God is there, mama’s prayers, then why are you scared? And do something with your life, you have so many qualities, you make such good paintings, what is the point of doing your BBA and sitting at home? Okay, I will try but please don’t worry me saying that you will leave. Okay fine, but my lovely twin sister, remember one thing, you need courage to live in this world. Understand this. 
Okay, I have had enough popcorns, now I need to send that email. You give too many lectures. Listen, didn’t you get a good flavor of popcorns? Hey, are these people blind? Sara, where are you going? Khaani, leave me. Have you gone mad Sara? Hey, what happened? Did no one stop him? Sara, stop it. Be quiet. What is wrong with you? What do you mean be quiet? They have guards, so can they do anything they want? No one will stop them? 

If you are so sad

Someone should have stopped them. Sister, even if I catch them now, I will have to leave them and quit my job. Why are you after my job? What will that poor man do? If you are so sad, get him a new rickshaw. Ok? Leave it you. What do you mean leave it? Be quiet, you won’t say a word. Take this. May God bless you. Come on, lets go from here. Khaani, don’t tell mama anything and you gave him all your money, how will you get your mobile now? I won’t go anywhere with her now. Sara, what did you do now? I didn’t do anything mama. I didn’t do anything, right? You didn’t do anything? Mama, there was a protocol car, it hit a rickshaw, there was no one inside. 
She was running after them like mad, I stopped her. I am not mad, you are scared. Sara, what is this manner to talk to your elder sister? Jokes are aside, but you don’t talk to your sister like that. I may be afraid, but mama what can we do? Look, I am still shivering. Yes, so should we sit at home scared and people like them roam around freely? This is stupidity. Sara, my love, neither you are wrong, nor Khaani. She is right in her own way and so are you.

Your tailor will give the clothes tomorrow

 Child, brother is right. This is the reality that these rich kids can do what they want, no one can say anything to them. Even the policeman was saying this that they cannot do anything. Ok leave your anger now, I will fix the food, call Sana. I am not hungry. Khaani? Your tailor will give the clothes tomorrow, give them to Sarim. Yes, I spoke to them but there is no confirmation. No you stay on stand by, I will tell you. Let me call you back. Mithal. Yes madam. What happened to little Mir’s car? I am asking you something Mithal. Madam, little Mir said not to tell you. He told you not to? Why didn’t you tell me? Are you taking orders from little Mir? Is he fine? Yes madam, he is fine. 

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