Love Ne Mila Di Jodi ,Chandana Sharma,Perneet Chauhan,Gaurav Khanna,Karan Tacker,Simran Kaur Hundal


You, Mr. Ismail, Mohini, children, keep visiting me. Come to my home with him. My lovely mother, you are right. As you wish. I am really happy to get your support, and most importantly, most importantly Ismail. Mama, he is like a touchstone. I didn’t even know when I suddenly found myself made of gold, I realized that Ismail is such a beautiful man, fate has done me a favour, that I got a man like him. I am happy, really happy. God bless. May you always remain happy and married. Mr. Ismail, is Mohini fine? Yes, she got a few stitches on her head, but nothing to worry about. She is just being stubborn about going home. 

Okay, if she is being stubborn, she must be feeling good. Yes, in fact, we will not let you make any excuses, that you are bed ridden like this. You have to get fine soon, and spend good time with us. Okay? Hello. Yes? What happened Mushk? Sehba is no more in this world. I like Sehba so much, whenever I meet her, I feel that a window is opened in the small room of my life. This Sehba has taken over your senses. When two people are so different in status and lifestyle, then the one who lacks is at loss. Just a small flame can because you unfixable damage. Life is really long, Just a small flame can because you unfixable damage. So baby, learn and burn. I know I cannot be forgiven, but forgive me. 

I took a new decision of my life

Mushk, what did you do with me? You left me midway like this. Irtiza, what did you do with me? You too left me midway. Mushk, that was in the past, we have forgotten it. You remember, we took a new decision. Yes, you know, I took a new decision of my life. I cannot leave Ismail and come to you. What are you saying? Yes. You know how it is to leave Ismail and come to you? Like someone drops from the sky to the ground. Its like, some pure, stainless, innocent existence, is stained by itself. Irtiza, you know, there are two types of people in this world. First, the ones who only think about themselves, and the second, those who think about others. When I loved you, I was amongst the first kind of people. But when I got Ismail’s love, then I started being categorized amongst the second type of people. To me, my new identity is really dear, really precious. 

 I am equally pure even today

That is why, goodbye. Before today, this sight has never been so beautiful. Today, I found out the honesty of this sea and your love. No matter how much I thank God, its less. The decision papa and mama took for me, was the most beautiful decision of my life and I realized this really late. Meeting you, this Mushk’s real scent has returned. Mushk, congratulations to you on your happiness. I doubted your love, so this is my punishment. They say it right that if you love then don’t be misled. The reality is that you were out of your home all night long. The one you love, trust them. 

Trust is another name of love. Only such a person does this, who has something to hide in their heart, they cheat. And what trust are you talking about? The trust you destroyed yourself and threw it in the air. Irtiza, whether you believe me or not, I am as pure as I was when I left home, I am equally pure even today. Maybe I couldn’t understand this secret of love. If possible forgive me. I pray that you always remain happy. Irtiza. I was thinking that we should bring sister to our home for a few days, she will feel better too. I don’t think she will agree. Did you not see how stubborn she was at the hospital. I am thinking that I will go live there for a few days, I will live there for a few days, she will feel better, I will care for her too. Fine, I care for the emotions of others and my sleep a lot. Lets sleep. What did you say? I didn’t say anything like that, that you pick up the apple. You said something like that. 

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