Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (English: Madhubala — A Love, A Passion) is associate degree Indian tv series that premiered on twenty eight could 2012[1] and ran through till nine August 2014,[3] made to celebrate one hundredyears of Indian cinema, it airy on colours TV Monday through Sat evenings.

The show is amongst a number of the foremost unforgettable shows as its lead actors, Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami marked it’s fame with their performances. It revolves around a social class lady Madhubala leader born on a movie set and destined to become a heroine, operating in an exceedingly parlour and her family works as junior artists in screenland in city. One fateful encounter brings her standing against a movie industry star Rishabh Kundra referred to as RK. She fights a case of hit and run on behalf of her friend Mukund Dixit against him and sends him to jail for four days. Madhu gets engaged with Mukund when he proposes her. so as to show her a lesson, RK humiliates Madhubala and her family in public by insinuating that she is his girlfriend. He humiliates her relationship with Shamsher leader United Nations agency is her guardian however not her father and conjointlyher mother is badly abused. Mukund breaks off their engagement thinking that she has a covert affair with RK. Madhu goes to RK’s set and slaps him ahead of all. To penalize his insult, RK puts forward a proposal of forty hundred thousand rupees for her father’s treatment, United Nations agency was badly crushed abreast of RK’s set when he had showed up to kill RK when his[RK] public stunt, and marry him reciprocally. Madhu agrees and marries RK. RK may be a rude and egotistical man United Nations agency is hell dead set ruination Madhu’s life. He tries to insult her in any means he will however on another hand is possessive of her. Things begin to inducetraditional and Madhubala begins to fall for RK. once Shamsher is discharged from hospital, he’s determined to kill RK United Nations agency had forcefully unbroken her female offspring captive at his home. Unaware of the modified situation, he shoots RK in Ganpati Utsav. it’s Madhu United Nations agency comes forward and saves RK by donating blood to him. She witnesses a giant amendment in her feelings for RK and realises that she is smittenwith him. RK too develops a soft corner for Madhu and isn’t any longer rude to her. Madhubala brings a great dealof changes in RK’s life like she restores his religion in God and his relationship along with his mother. She teaches him several different lessons of life and everybody is glad to her for this. They confess their like to one another. RK helps Madhu’s mother Padmini and Shamsher leader in acceptive feelings for every different and marrying and even helps her family once Madhu’s remorseless father Balraj Chaudhary abducts just about Chaudhary is shot dead by Padmini herself.

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