Muskaan serials | Yesha Rughani,Sharad Malhotra,Lavina Tandon,Sudesh Berry,Sangeeta Panwar

Muskaan serials | Yesha Rughani,Sharad Malhotra,Lavina Tandon,Sudesh Berry,Sangeeta Panwar

Muskaan serials | Yesha Rughani,Sharad Malhotra,Lavina Tandon,Sudesh Berry,Sangeeta Panwar

Roshan. Roshan, come here, I want to talk to you about something important. Yes Zafar, coming. Yes, go ahead. What happened? Listen, I am going back and what is special is that you will come along. I will come along? Yes, we will live together. Look, we married both our children and fulfilled our duty. I was most worried about Maha, they are good people, they will handle her. As far as Anwar is concerned, he got married, he is happy in his life, let him stay that way. Yes, but I will be away from my kids. I have spent a life time over there without you people. Now, I cannot live without you anymore. Fine, as you wish. Fine, tell your children then, also prepare to leave.

if we go out for 4-5 hours

 I cannot stay here longer, cause the company has sent enough letters and phones. Keep this documents safe. Give them to me. Why didn’t you eat? I was not hungry. Are you still upset? Ok tell me, how will you forgive me? Take me out. You know I had thought I would roam around after marriage, but… Look Maha, you know I work all week, I get tired and then mama is not well. You have a Sunday and uncle is home, if we go out for 4-5 hours, it won’t be an issue. You are right, it won’t be an issue, its just…okay fine, I will take you out on the next holiday, happy now? Yes. Haris. Yes. Can I ask you something? Will you tell me honestly? This is a good condition of being honest. I don’t lie, anyway, go ahead, ask what it is. You used to love Raima, right? What sort of a question is this? You had to tell the truth, go ahead.

I have never thought about it

I have never thought about it, and was she the only one to love. She was so pretty. Look, I don’t know if she was pretty or not, but I didn’t see her that way. You used to take her out on the bike. What do you mean out on the bike? I used to drop her from the radio station to home, or to the point. Humm, You know when ever she used to sit with you on the bike, I would get really angry. You didn’t tell me this earlier. How could I? I was afraid you would scold me. Hah, you used to b scared of me? I am still scared. Can I say something? Yeah. Haris, don’t get upset with me and… and? The day you raised your hand on me, don’t do it again. I would be hurt. Don’t be stupid, you upset me. You can make me understand. Did you not hear? Those who are used to scolding… What do you mean? Haris! Okay listen, did you forgive me? Not at all, I will not forgive you. Come on, please forgive me. Haris, you know I cannot stay upset with you. What are you thinking? If you allow me, can I go home? Have I ever said no. I wish you had.

But my love, I want to give

That will never happen. You don’t love me. You are being stupid again. I told you so many times, they have their first right on you, then me. But my love, I want to give you all my rights. Its your love. Are you really this patient and have an open heart, or is this all fake? Fake? Then fine, we will see how long I can be fake. I don’t get it. I am telling the truth. I don’t have jealousy of your child or wife, if I was jealous would I happily get them gifts? This is what I am worried about. Don’t be worried about that, don’t worry so much thinking about something so useless. Even when I don’t want to, I really want to trust you. I really love you. I know that. Anyway, the thing you got for Abeera and Farkhanda, have that separated, I will give it at night. I am thinking I will stay there tonight. Fine. What can I do, I am going after 25 days, what will Abeera, Farkhanda say that… Why are you justifying? I understand.

This is Raima’s love for me

 Thank you. Can I go now? What can I say? You used to love Raima? Yes, I loved her, I think I still love her, or else Maha, the Raima who is in my heart wont cry inside me. I hear her crying in my ears when I am near you. What is this? This is Raima’s love for me and my love that I hear her voice, then why didn’t you accept it to Haris? If you accept before stupid people, they blackmail you all their lives, and Maha falls in that category. Raima, I will never admit that I have loved Raima, with all my existence. Hello. Papa. Hello, you are back. Hello. How is my love? I am fine, you should have told me, I would have come to receive you at the airport. Are you mad? Why would I bother you? My do I have so many servants and drivers. Okay fine, all this is for me? For you and your mother too. How was the travel? Great. You got stuff for mama too? Yes, its in my bag, ask Shahnaz she will give it. One minute, you asked for a watch. I got you this new phone. Thank you. Here is your watch. Rest is yours. Thank you. Papa.. Its such a pretty watch, thank you so much. Its really pretty, I love it. Mama, see this. How did you like it? Really pretty.

I got it, so its my choice

Not prettier than my daughter’s happiness. Here you go child. Okay tell me, it seems really expensive, how much is this for? You are mad, you don’t ask the worth of a present. No still, tell me. I don’t remember, I got 5-6 things together, so you don’t remember the worth of each. Its really pretty. Whose choice is it? Obviously, I got it, so its my choice. At times your mother says useless things. mama, papa came home after so long and you said this, you upset him. Madam, you know after you left the whole was empty. Really? You wont go now, right? why? I get sad when you leave. Put I planned to go far. What? You are going abroad again? No, I will go away from you. No, why would you go away from me? Did I do something wrong? Are you upset with me? I can never get upset with you, I just want to try my luck. I don’t get it. Even I don’t get it, but I will have to go. Stay happy where you go, us servants can only pray. You are my smart child, don’t cry. You didn’t even consult me and suddenly announced this.

if we get to spend the rest of our life in Medina

od willing, he will be back

 I used to worry for you, now you are taking mama along. Child, there was no other option apart from this. I want that we spend the remaining life together. Right sister in law? You are right, but… The decision has been made, if we get to spend the rest of our life in Medina, it will be great. So, now you people wont come… Why not? Its our home, our daughter is here, the heart is a little sad. Yes, it hurts and the sadness of a child tears the parents open. Your son is living with the in-laws after the wedding. If God wills he will come back soon. God willing, he will be back. Where is Haris? Haris? In his office, his director is here from Lahore, so he has a lot of work, so he will come late. Okay. Child, serve food. Serve food child, I am hungry. Okay. For me you don’t have time Mr. Sardar, I always die to talk to you. What is this helplessness of ours. Who is here? Abeera? I am surprised, you have not slept till now. I was not sleepy, so I came here.

 Yes, aunt for sure

 What are you looking at? You look fresh and new today. I rested after so long, so I got fresh. I hope that is true. Yeah, I am going to sleep, from tomorrow there will be office again, the same work, come soon. Forgive if I hurt you. What are you saying uncle? Please forgive me. Stay happy son, take care of Maha. Yeah. Haris, I have one request. She is really careless, I don’t know if she will call me or not, but you make me talk to her. Yes, aunt for sure, she has nothing better to do, she will talk to you. Zafar, take that promise from Haris. What promise? That you will take my daughter out for travel. No aunty, not at all, I will have her imprisoned in the home. I will torment her so badly, just leave once. What are you saying Haris? Haha, papa, I was joking. Aunty, I promise, I will keep Maha happy. Papa, its time for the flight, shall we go? Yeah… mama, you take care of yourself and papa. You too take care of yourself and the family. Bye. Okay son, we are going home, bye. Who will care for me? Hello. Hello, sit. Meet Mr. Saad and give this yourself. Yes, you wanted to talk about something important? I called you for a suggestion. Yes, go ahead. Raima wants that she lives in Saif house. What? This stupidity, I want my own identity.

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