Naagin Season 3 Series 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Naagin Season 3 Series  2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Zoya, go to Rukhsana’s house and ask her for something to eat. Tell her mother has said so. Zoya, are you listening? I am listening, grandma. Mom has gone to Kashf, she will bring something. She has come, Assalamualaikum Walikum assalam. Salam mother. 
You had gone alone and you have brought four five people with you. Zoya, bring a chair for your aunt. Wajdan, sit son. Mom, sit. Please. What happened? Are you people going for a honeymoon again? No, grandma, the government has sealed our house too. 
Now tell them, clarify it to everyone that because of whom are we going through all this. You used to say times change, are you happy now? It’s so strange Imtiaz, whenever we meet it is with a different relationship. First you were my brother-in-law, then we became business partners, then you were about to become my father-in-law. Do you get to sleep here? Or should I get you shifted to a better place. Say what you come to say. I want to say that your son-in-law’s house which you had forcefully taken, has also been seized. 

 I am ready to have a partnership with you

Your family had already become homeless now Kashf and Wajdan are homeless too and now all these people are living together in that previous house of yours. I am thinking of bringing up a point within the law so that this house also… What did your family call me? Fake priest. Can you see what all this fake priest can do? Or should I show some more miracles? Look Mateeullah… Shah Ji, my name is Shah Ji. Shah Ji. Shah Ji, look Shah Ji, I am ready to have a partnership with you. I promise. 
Just get me out of here once. Who is even asking you? Now I will only believe Kashf and that too when she will come and sit at my sanctuary. Till then, rest here. Shah Ji, don’t do this Shah Ji. Have some mercy on me please. I will not budge from your sanctuary all my life. I will stay there as your servant. As you will say Shah Ji. Just get me out of here once, I am not happy here. Just once. Shah Ji, drink for you. Give it to Imtiaz, he is sweating. Sajid, lock him up. Come on. One minute.
 I don’t want it. Drink it, drink it.. What’s the point of getting upset with food and drinks? Now that you all here, decide who will stay in which room. Grand ma, I will find a new house to live in a few days then we will go there. What problem do you have in living here? Think of this house as your own as well and live here..
 Why do we have to think of it as our house? This house is also ours Fayyaz never asked you for his share of the property and on top of that your son took our house from us. This is our home now. Yes yes, it’s your house only, we’re just lying in this house for no reason. Not like this, write it down Sure, I’ll email it to you. Give me your email address? You’ll be able to read English right? Mom, what’s wrong with you? What are you saying? You be quiet. I am saying nothing wrong and nor am I doing anything wrong. At least I am not doing what they did to us. and it will be better if Dilshad finds another house for herself. 

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