Nazar Drama 2018 Star plus 2018 To 2019 Star Plus

Nazar Drama 2018 Star plus 2018 To 2019 Star Plus

Go. What do you want from Noori now? She’s gone to her room, that poor woman. Shahan, would I ask you if it wasn’t important? You can’t do even this much for Ulfat now? All you have to do is go and call. I can do it but she’s gone… Go, go. What was all this? Ulfat, this is exactly what I’m trying to make you understand. Everything is going to get destroyed if Shahan finds anything out.
 But you just don’t understand! No, no, no. Don’t try to scare me. I’m not going to fall for any of your traps! This is not a trap! I’m only trying to save your and my family, which you’re very eager to destroy with your own hands! Why are you being so impatient? It’s just some amount, you’ll get it! Listen, give this waiting excuse to someone else! I just want my amount, do you understand? Otherwise, I’ll finish this house that you’re trying so hard to save in seconds. Shahan, where’s Noori? She’s coming. Alright, give me your wallet. What for? Give it. I wouldn’t ask for no reason.

Why are you embarrassing me

 Take it. Everything belongs to you guys only… I’ll give this to Noori. This is my sister’s sacrifice. I don’t want anything to happen to you, Ulfat. Don’t you think you’re getting too emotional? No, not at all! I missed this house so much when I wasn’t here yesterday. I realized your importance. Shahan and Hadi’s… And Ulfat, I also want to apologize to you. For all the torture that you have gone through because of me, forgive me. Please.
 I’m sorry? No! Why are you embarrassing me? In fact, I’m sorry. Forgive me. You have forgiven me, right? Really? Alright, I’ll go give this to Noori. And Ulfat, please don’t beat Hadi. I can’t see his tears. You are his mama but I’m his mother too, right? I’ll make him understand if he says anything now. Thank you . Get ready! You have to go out for dinner! Aren’t you too proud of your and Shahan’s love, Ulfat? My name won’t be Shafaq if I don’t turn this love into dust! You won’t even be able to make eye contact. By the way, what she just said was right. Don’t be so strict with Hadi. 

You can get more. But yes

He’s our baby! And if this baby of mine isn’t feeling well then we can go for dinner some other time. No, I’m fine. No, no. Its okay, we can go later. No, no. I’m fine. Anyway, my mood is getting worse. Is it going to get better if you go out? Let’s go. I’ll change and come. How am I looking? Extremely… One minute. What are you looking for? Bangles. Bangles? I gave those to Noori. No, no. The bangles that I bought for you. Yes? I have given them to Noori. You can get more. But yes! This time, get gold bangles. Make me wear this please.
 But Ulfat, I got them for you with a lot of love… Come on, Shahan. You’re reacting as if I have given her some property of mine. I wasn’t wearing them. Isn’t it nice that they’re coming handy for a poor person? Oho, Shahan! If you’re done crying over the bangles, shall we leave? We have gotten very late anyway. Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go. Wow! A thousand bucks, Ulfat? You could have given them to me instead. I would have opened the door. What’s wrong with you, Shahan? He’s poor. He’ll give blessings. Alright. You should’ve given me a chance to give such blessings too. 

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