Porus Series 2018 To 2019 Sony TV

Porus Series 2018 To 2019 

If the fried flat bread are done then bring them out. I’ve spoken to two estate agents but neither one has given me an answer as yet. All they’re interested in is their own commission. I would suggest that you advertise it directly in the newspaper. What Ad are you talking about? Uh… Its about selling the house. Really? According to my information Nadeem really likes this house and then he also just bought it. Not this house, we’re selling the G9 house! But that’s my house. 

Did anyone ask me for permission to do so? Our daughter needs money, so why does one have to ask? Fakhra begum we have nothing except for that house. Had my practice been on it would not have been a problem… but under the present circumstances that house is the one proof I have of my honest earnings. You’re forever now going to live with me in my house Chacha mian. It makes me very happy to be living with you my dear. But here my son, even though he’s in the same house as me, he’s distanced himself from me emotionally. 

I’ll see to him! You leave it

We will have to leave this place one day. What?! And where would we go?! We will go to the same house you’re trying to take from under me. Wait uncle, listen to me please – Tch! Let him be! But Ma, he just left like that. To hell with him! I’ll see to him! You leave it. I’ll speak to him. How did you lose such a perfectly good client?! It was because of the financial pressure Sir. What! Sir, my whole salary is picked up and transferred into Mr. Raziuddin’s account by the office… so how do you expect a man who’s been reduced to near poverty to concentrate Sir? You are only getting your just deserts and you think people are being unfair to you?! I am being treated a little unfairly Sir. And go ahead and do it, I’m not saying don’t do it. 
But you should only cut half my pay, why are you cutting my full pay? You should be grateful that the interest has been waived otherwise you would never have been able to pay it! Taking interest is a sin in our religion. But then to take a loan and run away is also not liked by our religion, right? Yes, yes, and although you are correct in what you’re saying but money at this time has become a real problem for me. Being the husband of a such a rich woman you still claim you’re impoverished… seems quite the lie. Enough Urooj, how many scenes are you going to have me do? You should also give consideration to my pack up. Just one more shot Ma’am and then you’re free. 
Alright fine, if I have to work then I guess I’d better get down to it. You’re looking rather down these days, are you okay health wise? Yes well… my heart is lonely. Otherwise what of my health, its something that goes up and down. Alright so I’ll just… Peace be upon you mummy Peace be upon you my love. What’s the matter dear? Have you kept mummy somewhere and now forgotten her? Oh hey, nothing like that mummy. You can say that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to eat. Introduce me to Natasha. 

for a while in conjunction with a recording

I want to see the lovely girl who’s captivated my son. I’m really missing you Nadeem. I’ll come across on any one of these weekends; just give a little time… the moment I’m free I’ll come straight to you. I’m going out of Karachi for a while in conjunction with a recording so don’t come now, just get Natasha to video call me. Anyways, I’ll speak to you later. Okay mummy, you take real care of yourself and I love you. Alright my dearest.
 I love you. Nadeem’s mother’s name is Shahana Sultan! Circumstances made us drift to this place but that does not mean that this is our house. Consider it as a temporary abode. Why do you always forget that this is our daughter’s house! Whether Nadeem considers you to be his father or not, at least he does consider you as his father-in-law! It is also not considered to be the done thing to live in a son-in-law’s house! If one cant be smart, we can at least try to avoid being stupid.
 The Shahana Sultan you seem to fear so much is now married and living it up and earning crores from show business! The ones suffering the loss are me and my useless, jobless and ailing husband! Its an old habit of mine to foster ailments… and coming to my being jobless, well this gibe will also become a matter of the past one day. 

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