Rangrasiya Serial 2018 To 2019 Colrs TV

Rangrasiya Serial  2018 To 2019 Colrs TV

Talk doesn’t fill ones stomach, or ones pockets. And one needs a lot more in order to live ones life. I think that if you teach life how to live just once, you will be rid of all your problems! Isn’t that right Nadra ji? I find that thinking about things and trying to figure them out is a only a waste of time. Why don’t you speak to her and make her understand; maybe she might understand with you.
 Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you ever feel that you’re lacking in anything? Then engineer a formula that will change you totally! Like what? ‘Like what?’ First off you need to bring that beautiful smile on that absolutely lovely face of yours. And forget all the memories of anyone, good or bad, that have every entered your heart with regards to anyone… and just only think that you are ‘Naushaba Nafeesuddin an absolutely wonderful person!’ That you are someone that life’s ups and downs can never hurt! Yes, yes, I’m right! See, the smile’s back! You just come by whenever you want and without a by your leave, whats your problem this time?

deposit the cash advance in the bank

 Why are you after my job Sir? What will I do if I become jobless?! Have poison. And if you don’t have money for it, I’ll give it to you. I’m willing to do anything for you but just forgive me! None of this was my fault. It was only your fault! How’s that Sir? The woman that slapped my face is to date your wife. Dont you have any shame? Sir, give me one chance… Enough. No, Shahana isn’t in the city so how may I help you? Yes. Okay so why don’t you do one thing, deposit the cash advance in the bank. Yes, I’ll just send you the account number. Very well. Thank you. May God protect you Hello Noshi. What I did that day with you was very wrong. 
Wont you please forgive me? So what do you want me to do? You realized it right? So be happy. Think of yourself as great and get out of here. Okay but listen I – Let go! Noshi? What’s wrong with her aunty? So how’s your work coming along Shahana Sultan? As usual. You all… you actors, anchors, models… really have a lot of grit and courage. I would never be able to do such a job. Keep loving me and continue to walk beside me and that’s more than enough for me. Yes, yes, of course… absolutely. What’s wrong Bay ji, you sound somewhat down? I’m still paying for that slap of yours Shahi. I sometimes get the feeling that the slap you gave Raziuddin landed on my heart. Come on Bay ji please don’t remind of that unpleasant incident.

She humiliated me at a time when the whole world

I wish I could do more to that Raziuddin than just the slap. Oh really? Anyways, forget it. So tell me is Noshi happy? Yes, she’s happy… I think so… she should be happy. Thank goodness. Please take care of her and Nadra. At your service. Any other command? Thank you my love. I love you. Me too. Noshi? You left me there and came back here? What’s wrong with you… things like this happen between friends. And then she was also asking you for your forgiveness. She humiliated me at a time when the whole world was against me! Is this what friends are like? Its happened, its over with so just forgive her now. Who all am I supposed to forgive?! I should forgive my fate, Pir Wasif… wait, I know, yes! I should forgive Shahana Sultan’s son Nadeem! Yup! Thoughtfulness and kindheartedness are the traits of weak people. 
Its considered cowardice. What I don’t understand is what has anyone said to you for you to get so agitated and upset? What difference does it make if these veins hold the pure blood of Nafeesuddin? Noshi… I will now do what pleases me in this house. Its okay Nadra ji, these things happen… this is the way of the world. She’s only letting go of pent up feelings. She’ll be fine. I’ll go check in on her… oh… you need to relax. Yes, yes. Everything will be fine. It’ll be fine. I’ll go see to her. Just relax. You made tea for me with your very own hands and added my favorite coffee to it. Then you gave your mother a credit card and sent her shopping. These things you’ve done are more that enough for me understand… Now be a good girl and tell me whatever is on your mind. The thing is Chacha mian that I desperately need money and your house is the only thing that can be of use to me! So… may I sell it? My dear that house is the only roof your mother and I have over our heads in our old age. It’s better if we don’t think about it. 

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