Rashna:The Ray of Light in English | Shruti Haasan, Tisca Chopra, Nargis Fakhri


Mr. Ismail, I salute your great character and your amazing patience. This world is still here because of people like you. I am amazed by your greatness and virtues, but I myself am a weak and ambitionless girl. I know this decision will bring temporary sadness and sorrow. But whenever you will get a loving life partner in your life, then maybe you will realize that this decision was right, maybe I will be sad about losing my love, all my life. I won’t be able to stay happy, nor will I be able to keep you happy. That is why after thinking long and hard, I have decided that I return to Irtiza.

 I see you at a high standing, I am not worth you Ismail. You will remain sad by keeping me attached to you and I too will be restless. That is why its better that we face the temporary sorrow, and say goodbye to each other. The future will make amends for all sorrows, trust me, in the end, I am saying with a lot of sorrow, I am begging you, Ismail, set me free, I will not be able to live in this relation with you. So what, if the kids have gotten used to you, if Mohini is close to you, so what? But I have fallen in love with you. Mama, you look so pretty today. Mama, are you going somewhere? Yes, I am going. You take care of aunt. Fine mama, you go, we will take care of aunt. You will come back soon, right? Mama, come back soon or we will get worried. 

 he said that I cannot marry you

Nida, you people know that kids are smarter, because they adopt to things quicker, they learn to compromise, you know what I am saying, right? You people have to care for yourself too, you have to live bravely, and you need to take care of your aunt too. Come soon. Please, come soon. I will keep on waiting. Come soon. Mohini, you know how much I love your face. Me too. That is why, take lots of care of yourself, don’t go out, don’t go on the roof. You too don’t go on the roof, you fall. Yes, you fall. Bye. Bye. I knew you would come, Mushk. My heart was keen on it. And I also know that you will decide in my favour. We will leave this country, and go somewhere, somewhere really far. Wherever we will be, our love will be there and no other person. Irtiza, why do you think like this? Huh, why do you think like this? Tell me. 

Mushk, you know what my papa told me, he said that I cannot marry you. He doesn’t want that his son should marry a divorcee. Although, this decision should be mine Mushk. And mama, she says that I wouldn’t wear a shirt that would have a stain, now how can I marry such a girl who has so many stains of blame on her? But I have decided Mushk, I have decided that I cannot live without you and maybe nature had chosen this punishment for me, that I denied a pure girl. I rejected her. Mushk, you leave Mr. Ismail, get a divorce from him. I know he is a good man, but I also know that you only love me and I love you. And the two of us cannot live without each other. I, I will make you mine.

 I will make you mine, please. Please. Hello. Hello, Mushk, where are you? If you are at home, I am coming to get you. Get ready quickly. What happened Ismail, is everything alright? Sister Rehma is not well, I have admitted her to the hospital, Amber is with her, you just get ready quickly, I am coming to get you. Yes. I… I…I will get ready. Mushk! Where are you going, Mushk? Mushk, don’t leave me. Please. Please, Mushk. Thank you very much. I cannot believe it, that this is Mohini’s handwriting. Mushk, thank you very much. Your hard work and sincerity has proved that not just us, but you too consider us your own. Thank you very much, Mushk. Yes, Ismail, I consider you people my own. I too am in love, with Mohini, children. And you too. I didn’t even know what they call love. I found out now. Love is obeying each other. Respecting each other. Forgetting each other’s mistakes. What we call love is what I have for you. I didn’t even know. 

Yes, Ismail, I have fallen in love with you, that too with a true heart. Papa. Papa. Aunt Mohini fell from the roof, she is bleeding. Oh God, Mohini. Okay, so poor Mohini harmed herself because she read this letter. Mushk, how many more people will you hurt? Mama, took a lot of tension because of you. Mama, forgive me. Just forgive me one last time. After today, I will not make any more mistakes, I am really embarrassed. Forgive your stupid, idiotic girl, who has always passed through tests all her life and failed. But thank God I have been successful in the biggest test of life. I will never leave you people and go. You people are everything for me. In fact, I will not leave you alone, now you will come with us, to our home. No Mushk, I am not alone. If you two live in your home, I will be able to live peacefully too. Mothers likes their daughters living in their home and when a woman lives in their home, their daughter’s home is also there. Let me live in my home. 

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