Rudrakaal Episode 1 To …. dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Rudrakaal All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

 Rudrakaal Episode 1 To …. dekhodramatv – Watch Free Serial All season Rudrakaal  All Episode on Dekhodramatv indian serial

I am just looking at my daughters, how will I care for them. When is the case starting? The first hearing is day after tomorrow. Can I say something, if you don’t mind? I know you won’t like it, but leave this case, you know the situation. You have no idea what evil is hidden behind evident good. You are saying I don’t do anything, leave it. 
Why are you getting into this? Mr. Salman, you have three daughters. What if something happens to you? Sarim left, now you and your wife’s wounds will be freshened in the court. You don’t get justice here. If you listen to me, think about your daughters. Sarim cannot come back from this case. They will handle it all, you don’t worry man.

Nothing else. I am really sorry to hear about what happened

 Ali, I have gone mad, that idiot came in the way first, then died, and left me here in this tension. Leave it man, what had to happen, happened. Its just a matter of a few days, you don’t worry. You are Mir Shah’s son. Mir Shah’s son. Nothing will happen to you. So relax. It is possible that you will get your TV and AC here in a couple of days. I just came to meet you…
 Shut up man. No matter what, a jail is a jail. Listen to me, Mir Hadi is a lion who wants to roam around freely. Nothing else. I am really sorry to hear about what happened. Mr. Shah didn’t get his son out on bail. Trust me, I came here but he doesn’t know. You people don’t worry about this, Mr. Salman, you are a nice man, so I thought that it is my duty to talk to you. Although, sister in law, Mr. Shah didn’t say anything. Then what did you come here for? Look Mr. Salman, 

I can tell all this in the media

Mr. Shah is a good man, that is why he didn’t do anything but consider one thing, he is his son, he won’t let him go like this. What do you want to say? I am just saying that if anything happens, things will progress. You have daughters. Are you threatening me? Hey, no. no. no. Nothing like that. Don’t get upset. Look, I have been their lawyer for long, its my job to talk to you, being his lawyer, I won’t let him lose the case. Right sister in law? I won’t let my client get hanged.
 I can get the case extended for as long as I want. You will waste your money. That is the door. Before I do something wrong, its best that you leave. What are you saying? I can tell all this in the media, times have changed now, do you understand Mr. lawyer? You said the right thing, the media has a lot of power, it doesn’t do anything though. I will leave now. Oh yes, I remembered one thing, I have heard that there was a feud between Mir Hadi and Sarim for a long time. What is your daughter’s name? Sanam Ali Khan, yes, she and Hadi…. 

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