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I am a loser. I was wrong, Nisha. Please forgive me. I was wrong. Hi, Good morning, sir. I’m Mitesh Dubey. From BNC Water Purifier Company. Okay, tell me. Sir, our company has launched a new product, a new purifier which will help you clean the water in minimum time, bacteria free. Listen, I boil water before I drink. Sir, you boil water, that’s really nice, but… -This water purifier will make… -I don’t want it. Sir, installation is free and… I don’t want it. It’s okay, sir. Thanks for your valuable time. Have… Good. Hello, sir. Sir, if you buy for your office as well as your home then I’ll offer you 8% discount.

Now we must declare his name

 You won’t have any installation charges. Sir, this offer is only for you. Okay, send it in the evening. I’ll make the payment online. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you so much. Guys, we have achieved our last month’s sales target. That’s why the company offers incentive to those who performed greatly. And one of them is… Preeti Rajvanshi. Here’s your this months’s incentive. Now one of you has really excelled… Nisha Kulkarni. Thank you so much, sir. Now we must declare his name who is at the bottom of the list. And that person is… Mitesh Dubey. In the last month, this man sold only two water purifiers. Your salary exceeds your total sales. If I fire you, then the company will make a good profit. Sir, I’m sorry, sir. Keep your sorry at home. 

Try to achieve your this month’s target. Or else I won’t say sorry when I fire you. Mitesh. I brought you coffee. I don’t want it, take it back. I know what happened wasn’t fair to you. It can happen to everyone. Everyone knows that it’s not easy to sell. And next time, you work harder. That will shut up the boss. Don’t massage your ego by offering me advice. What are you saying? Your sales figures are highest of all. And mine are the lowest of all. When you are with me, you think your achievement is greater than anyone. You then offer me sympathy and some advice to make yourself feel good. What’s the matter? You know I am in love with him. I understand both your problems. Everything will settle in a day or two. Just don’t worry, okay? Hi. Are you upset? Here. Sorry, but I don’t smoke. Chill, Mitesh. Our boss would treat me very rudely earlier.

 Just one question all the time. Why aren’t your sales figure up? I’d cry a lot. But finally… I came out from my problems. How? In our personal and professional life, we need to be bold. In your personal life, you have Nisha, the plain Jane. and reduced you into an average Joe. You know you deserve better. You should be with a girl with whom you can feel cool. You should be with a girl like me. Do you have a solution for my professional life? Wait a minute. -Here. -What’s this? The pill for your problem. Use it tonight. You’ll realise its effect on your own. Bye. There you are. Yes, Mom. Here’s some juice. So how is Nisha? She is fine. We’ve got a plenty of work load at the office. So we don’t talk much. Hope everything is fine between the two of you. Yes, everything is fine. Why don’t you freshen up? Sure. ‘Your salary exceeds’ ‘your sales figures.

 I need some money for household expenses

‘ ‘I won’t say sorry when I fire you.’ ‘The pill for your problems.’ ‘You’ll realise its effect on your own.’ Okay, sir. No issues. The water purifier will be installed at your home this evening. Have a good day, sir. Thank you. -Keep it up. -Thank you, sir. Hi. What are you looking for? I’ve run out of pills and why can’t I reach to Rasika. Dear. What’s wrong? Are you all right? Yes, Mom. I am fine. Just a bit of headache. Nothing else. I’ll give you a medicine, you’ll be fine. Mom… Here. Have this pill, you’ll be fine. Are you all right? -Rest for some time. -Yes. I need some money for household expenses. I want to buy some grocery and also pay the milkman. Just 3000 rupees. Mom, you always ask for money! This or that! Why don’t you take all the money from me at one time? I don’t carry cash on me. Please leave me alone for some time. Please. Before we solve any problem, we need to accept that problem. You then compare your strength and your weaknesses to find ways to solve that problem. Once you do that, you have to work hard towards finding solutions with a sharp focus. Mitesh, instead of doing that he chose drugs to improve his performance.

 He got addicted those drugs in a few days. Friends, they say our loved ones help us during our troubles. Mitesh considered a few people his loved ones and tried to contact them, but were they really trying to help him? Or was it all a conspiracy? What new turn will Mitesh’s life take? Let’s find out. Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call for two days, I sent you messages. You didn’t answer my call or replied my messages. Okay, relax, what do you want? You gave me a pill… the magic pill… I ran out of it, I need more. I can’t do anything without that pill. Yeah, I can understand. But it’s for free. You need to shell out 5000 rupees for that. 5000? But earlier, you didn’t say anything about money. Because I gave it to you free as you are a friend. But now you have to pay. There is no other way. 5000? Fine. I’ll pay you once I get my salary. I’ll give you cash. But give me some pills right now. Sorry, dear. No cash, no pill. Mitesh. Why are you avoiding me lately? Huh? No, that’s not true. You know, I love you. Yeah…

 I know, we’ll meet in the evening. Okay? Fine, listen. Hold my bag for a while. I’ll go to the wash room. Please don’t leave, I want to speak to you for a while. Hey… No cash, no pill. Mitesh, what are you doing? Why are you taking cash out of my purse? I need this money badly. All right, but you should at least ask me. I took it from you and I’ll pay you back. Mitesh, listen to me. You’re hanging out with Rasika and Sam. Please stay away from them. 

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