Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Gopi Modi,Ahem,Modi,Kokila,Modi,Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya  2 Gopi Modi,Ahem,Modi,Kokila,Modi,Gehna 

 When? Today? Mama, you surprise me, I will go directly from the office to the airport, I wont have time to eat. When I come back, we will go somewhere. There is no need for that either, you just come back safely, then all of us will go together. Don’t worry about me. Aunt just says this in my love to you. She is really obedient, appreciate her. Mama, you are here to appreciate her, I am not needed. I will go. Bye. Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan. Mehru, I am going to the office, come I will drop you. Shah Jahan. You forgot your mobile. Why are you standing here, you will miss your flight. The flight is in the evening, I was going to office, so I was asking Mehru, that I can drop her. She doesn’t need your help, she can also do her work herself. Mama. 

 you will meet some new people

Yeah? Can I help you? You people have me seated like a guest. You are a guest child. Here you go, have your favorite brownie, leave everything else. Here. Eat it. Blow on it. You know mama, brother Naeem rocked, he did something great. He named a property worth ten to fifteen million in sister’s name. I would say you people shift there. Its good you will meet some new people, the environment will change and its possible that sister will find a good proposal there, right? What? I am not saying anything wrong, I am right. Think about what I said. How long will she have her eyes on someone else’s life. What do you mean, Ayat? One minute mama. 

Who will care for you after mama

What did you say? Eyes on someone’s life. What do you mean by this? Hey, I just meant how long will you be jealous of happiness of others? Yeah? Who will care for you after mama? That is why I am saying find someone for you in mama’s life. Sister, everyone is happy and lost in their lives, you too should make a decision for yourself, what if… That’s it Ayat, you focus on your husband and in-laws. You don’t need to worry about me. You minded what I said… that’s it, I am not done talking, Ayat. If I need help in my life, I will not come to you. I will never come! Mama. What happened to her? She gets upset on me on small things, I feel she doesn’t like me coming to this home. Mama, I got this for you. Wow, God bless. I was worried shopping whether you would like it or not. Hey, why won’t I like it? This is for you. Thank you so much. It’s really pretty. 

Ayat what happened to you

I got this for aunt. Okay. This too is really pretty. And I got this for Mehru. I liked both these suits so I got them both. Ayat, come, lets go give this to aunt. You just came, sit for a while. Mama, we will be back shortly, then we will sit and talk. I am taking out the car, you come. We will come soon. Ayat! Ayat? Hey Shah Jahan, Ayat? what happened to my daughter? Ayat what happened to you? Hey, she was fine just now, God, what happened to her? Hey, hey, go get water. What are you looking at? Open your eyes, open your eyes. Ayat, open your eyes. 

My heart is sinking too

Are you fine now, child? I feel dizzy. My heart is sinking too. I am taking out the car, you bring her outside. No, no need, I am better now, I will rest a little, I will be fine. She doesn’t eat or drink anything, she has weakness. Where are you going? I am going to make glucose for her. You sit with her, I will make and bring it. Mehru! You look really pretty. Let’s go. How are you feeling now? I am fine. Where are you going? I felt thirsty, I was going to get water. Wait, let me get it for you. No, you leave it, I will get it myself. If not love but I can surely care for you. I will get it. I had told you he really loves you. Aunt, I did right. 

He was caring for me

At times you need to act, it helps in life. See it helped, right? He was caring for me. He kept on waking up at night and checking if I am fine or not. I told you it will all be fine, don’t worry. I told you. I am also waiting for that day when it will all be fine. I felt so strange yesterday, you think yourself, there is no difference between the wife and sister in law, same dresses. Okay tell me, what will you do? will you give her the dress? I don’t know, I don’t understand anything. Listen, give her the dress, surely give her the dress and how and when you have to give it, I will tell you. Aunt, does Shah Jahan need me? Mama, the rent for the shop is here, I will deposit it on my way to work. Okay son, fine. I am sending breakfast. Son, take her too. 

She doesn’t listen to anyone

Child, you go sit inside, I am making breakfast and bringing it. Aunt, I am fine. Hey, How are not fine? See. See what she is saying, she is fine. She was unwell all night long, Hey face is pale. You come here. Come here. Check her. She has fever, right? She doesn’t listen to anyone. Fine, you sit with her and have breakfast. Now if you don’t listen to me… I am in the room. I am making you breakfast, sit and eat with him, ok? Your breakfast. Where are you going? I am going to aunt, she is working alone in the kitchen. Did you have breakfast? No, I don’t feel like it right now, I will have it later.  

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