Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 1 Episode 1 English Subs Written Updates DekhoDramaTv


Saath Nibhana Saathiya Season 1 Episode 1 English Subs Written Updates DekhoDramaTv

In this episode, a woman gives voice to her daughter-in-law and asks what kind of food will she get or will she starve me. His daughter-in-law comes holding a tray in her hand with a veil over her face and says take it, mother. The woman takes a snack and says it is food or buffalo fodder is not salt or pepper. Everyone understands I am. The daughter-in-law says that it hurts you more than that. The mother-in-law says, “Hey, we broke up quietly. Our daughters-in-law like you come to our house. I am not inferior. I will keep correcting the mistake.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P2 DekhoDramaTv

 I will take you out of this house and get my son remarried.” The daughter-in-law cries and grabs his feet and says, “Mother, don’t do this, have mercy on me.” The mother-in-law pushes the daughter-in-law and says, “If you want to stay away, you have to stay. If this is what you want to live in, then why do you come without dowry? Dowry is the biggest omen of marriage and you don’t bring anything.” The biggest omen I give you is that she goes and brings petrol and sprinkles it on her daughter-in-law. Her daughter-in-law cries and says no, mother. When her mother-in-law does not stop, the daughter-in-law takes a sip and says that the omen should be given to the daughter-in-law. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P3 DekhoDramaTv

At the same time, she takes petrol and sprinkles it on the mother-in-law and says that I will give you the omen now. And after burning the bag of matches, they start setting fire to the mother-in-law, so much so that the girl says, “Cut, cut, what are you doing?” All the girls sitting nearby start laughing. The girl says to Rashi, “Kahrashi saas will burn you or not.” Rashi takes off her sari and beats the girl and says then I can’t roll. The girl says why can’t she. Rashi says because I don’t believe in such characters. Hey, what’s the matter, mother-in-law, come and burn your daughter-in-law, it doesn’t happen that much. This is the 21st century. The girl says, “I know this is the 21st century, but it still happens today. The daughter-in-law has to endure and sometimes she has to burn.” Rashi says that the days when a daughter-in-law like a cow was born are gone and now the times have changed. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P4 DekhoDramaTv

The girl says nothing has changed, everything is still the same. Gopi, on the other hand, is climbing on the table in the house and cleaning the fan of her house. She hides and says Gopi sister will fall. The table is shaking. Gopi says nothing happens. And Pana itches Gopi’s feet. Gopi also starts laughing. In the meantime, my aunt comes here and says that she is making fun of you. She is going to do so much work at home. Then she tells Gopi that she doesn’t eat bread. Gopi says yes aunty. Pana says, “Oh my God, how much this aunty runs, my ears are ripe.” Gopi says quietly. Mami says hey how hot it is today Mami tells Gopi to drop the fan and bring me a glass of water. Gopi says Mama is left with only one cleaner. Mami says but she is not running anywhere, fetch water first. Gopi says yes, Mami goes to fetch water. Gopi also starts carrying the cloth in her hand. Mami says where is she taking the cloth, let her stay there.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P5 DekhoDramaTv

 Gopi leaves the cloth on top of the fan feather and leaves. Mami turns on the fan and sits down on the chair. Gopi and Pana look at the clothes on the moving fan and say Mami. Mami goes on to say, “Silently, bring a glass of water, so that the cloth falls to pieces on top of the fan and falls on Mami.” Mami slaps Gopi and says that the shameless cloth was left on top. Your hands are broken in bringing it down. Mami says to Gopi, “I know the damage done. In today’s history, it costs 12 rupees. This cloth is foolish. Poor Gopi says that it was you who said it.” Mami says she speaks quietly and who will clean it all or your mother will come from heaven to clean it. Gopi says no, Mami, I will clean it now.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P6 DekhoDramaTv

 The phone rings and Mami goes to pick up the phone by showing her eyes to Gopi. Gopi starts cleaning her pieces. Mami picks up the phone and says, “Hey, Ravi, son, she asks her mother to bring something.” She says, “OK, I’ll send it now.” Mami tells Pana that the girl has to go to Sunu Rashi’s college. Her drama practice is going on and she has forgotten the dress of her drama. So go and see her. Gopi says yes aunty gets up and leaves. Rashi says to Indrarashi, if your phone is done, then let’s practice. Rashi says Indra I will not perform until my practice clothes come. Inra tells Rashi to try to get into her character instead of the costume. Rashi says OK, tell me about the character. Indira says that a girl who is straightforward, a simple girl, a sweet girl who always thinks of others, always solves the problems of others, thinks of everyone in the family except herself. On the other hand, Gopi comes to the bus stop to go to college and asks a woman which bus goes to go to college.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P7 DekhoDramaTv

 The bus arrives and the woman says that look, the bus has arrived. Everyone starts to get on the bus. Are That a boy pushes a woman and all her vegetables fall off. Gopi is getting on the bus when she sees him coming down and starts collecting vegetables of this surah and the bus leaves. She says, “Son, your bus will go.” She says, “I’m sorry, son. Your bus has gone because of me.” Gopi says no problem I will take another bus. She says to Aurat Gopi, “Thanks for the help.” Gopi says it doesn’t matter. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P8 DekhoDramaTv

On the other hand, Rashi, hearing about her character, says helplessness. Indira says that she will be told to be careless. She thinks only of her duty and not of her own. And when she does not know about her rights, how can a dumb cow fight for them? Is. The girl sitting next to him says, “When are such girls born?” Indra says absolutely. Rashi says, “Tell me, where is your helpless heroin at that time?” On the other hand, Gopi gets off the bus and goes to college. There she asks a boy, “Brother Sahib Rashi, sister, where will you find the Rashi Shah B Kim final?” The boy shows her the way in English.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P9 DekhoDramaTv

 Gopi says brother you will tell me in Urdu then the boy tells him in Urdu Gopi says thank you. Adharrashi says to Indira, “Look, this is your poor heroine, I don’t fit in at all because I can’t even think of becoming such a daughter-in-law and I don’t believe in the belief that she still exists today.” Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. no matter how much we practice or how much we have to practice. I never get what I want. That is why I am saying that this practice will not stop with me. Indira grabs Rashi and says Rashi, I think you are fine, maybe I am looking at this character a little more childishly.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P10 DekhoDramaTv

 If you feel fine, then do your best. Rashi says OK. Indira says everyone take their position they all take their position Indira says lights off and Gopi comes there and says Rashi sister because it is dark she calls Rashi sister again. Indira says turn on the light and the light falls directly on Gopi’s face. Rashi sees Gopi and comes to her. Gopi tells Tarashi that you had asked for the same clothes. Don’t forgive me if it’s too late. So Rashi snatches the clothes from her and says how did you come on stage? Only our college girls can come here. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P11 DekhoDramaTv

Outsiders are not allowed to come. Get out of here. Poor Gopi is embarrassed and starts looking around. Indira looks at Gopi and says, “I got it. I got it. I found my daughter-in-law and Bhagti comes on stage and says to Gopi, ‘Listen, you will act in my play.’ Rashi says not at all. Indira says shut up and let him speak again. Dashi says no I said no. Andhra says friend Ravi let him work. The history of our drama has been fixed. Inra sees the time on her watch and says, “Oh my God, I have to go home.” Rashi angrily grabs the shopper and goes after them. She asks him what is the special thing so quickly. Indra says yes, the boys are coming to see me.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P12 DekhoDramaTv

 Rashi says the truth. Indira says yes and when you hear no one coming, she will faint. Rashi says who. Indra says Kokilamodi. All the girls put their hands over their mouths and say Kokilamodi. Indira says yes to her important son. Then they all go away. Rashi also asks Gopi to crush him. When Modi comes home with his car, the children start running behind the car. Kokalamodi gets out of the car and meets Indira’s father and tells him not to let my street children ruin my car, let me take care of it. And tells Pandit to go. Pandit says let’s go. She comes in and meets Indira’s mother. Her mother says yes, your son has not come. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode 1 P13 DekhoDramaTv

Kokila says why I like to be e, I like her, I like her, why she comes to her. Indira’s mother says yes, if he comes too, my daughter. Right now she is saying that banana is my daughter. In our society, does a boy like a girl and not a girl like a boy? Everyone falls silent. So the servant brings sweets to eat. Indira’s mother grabs the sweets and gives them to Karkokila and she says no I don’t like sweets at all and it’s not at all. Kokila says bring the girl, she brings the girl. She sees the open girl and tells her to take off her shoes and show me the walk. The girl takes off her shoes and shows him walking. Then the banana asks me to sing. The girl sings. After listening to the song, Kokila gets up. The girl’s father asks if you like the relationship. Kokila says no and leaves. Pandit says there was nothing wrong with the girl. “I don’t want a girl who doesn’t speak with her tongue in her mouth and can’t do any magic on my son with her hands and feet, and I don’t know where this girl has opened her mouth. I want such a daughter-in-law.” Need to be able to follow my instructions.

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