Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki All Episode 2018 to 2019 Colors TV

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki All Episode 2018 to 2019 Colors TV

 This is now your house and you need to realize that I will never let you leave here, ever! This house is the property of a woman I left for the love of your mother. Fate has once again brought me to her doorstep… so even today I find myself fighting a war of circumstances. I don’t know about all that. But you do know how stubborn I can be! Your fight with my mother-in-law is another thing but you will stay here.
 And you have to also sign these papers because I’m selling your three crore house for five crores! But my dear… Chacha mian, if you love me even a little bit or if you’ve ever considered me to be your daughter… then autograph, please? Otherwise I’ll think that – You never ask for proof of love my dear… otherwise one gets to a place which is neither ones destination nor ones goal. Thank you so much Chacha mian! Thank you.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much – you have no idea. You are my favorite! And do you know something, you’ve really solved my problem! I’ll now go see where mummy’s gotten to, okay? Peace be upon you What’s this… you didn’t reply to my greeting? This is like the fool getting angry with the idiot. Anyways its good that you let all that anger in your heart out. Besides the world is only worthy of having it written on a shoe. But hang on, if we write it on a shoe, wont it get wiped clean? At least now Noshi has a smile on her face. Alright now tell me, who’s broken my dear ones heart? Everyone breaks my heart. Its a long list, you might get bored. I hate boredom. I only want to enjoy life.

also bring bad luck into a man’s life. Hmm

 And you know those people that say… ‘Life is not a picnic.’ What kind of nonsense is that! Picnic should be life. Come on now stop all this melodrama. There’s always this crying and all in television soaps but in actual fact a woman’s tears, also bring bad luck into a man’s life. Hmm?! Stop it Bay ji. You’re making me laugh quite unnecessarily. You’re making me laugh quite unnecessarily. Oh but to make someone who’s crying, laugh is a very good thing. 
Thank the Lord that he’s made this nobody capable of doing so. You’re not some ‘Nobody.’ You’re quite a ‘Something.’ With your permission? Oh ho. Are you hearing this? Are you listening to what the woman’s saying Mr. Jawed Ahmed? She’s right in what she’s saying. Do you have some objection to what she’s saying? The woman became an artiste and in the process kept hurting you. Had you not stood by her then – I never stood by her I never wanted her to become such a well-known artiste… and so forget me. May I ask you something? Yes, please do. You did such a lot for her…
 so she could have at least mentioned you? What I mean is… your ex-wife, could have mentioned you, her ex-husband… By the way… do you ever think about her? Oh hey? Sorry Afshan. Its okay. A slap even if its only in a shooting is something is I absolutely dislike. Its okay. Not only are you a huge artiste, you are also an amazing personality. I may be a huge artiste in peoples eyes but no one knows about my helplessness.
 I know. You wont mind my saying this will you? I know Fakhra of old. Who? The woman your husband took in marriage as his second wife. What I don’t understand is how he could leave such a beautiful and renowned wife… what did he see in that Fakhra? He must have seen something in her that wasn’t in me. But… I never discuss this matter. So it would be best if you also let it be. Shahana ji? What happened Afshan ji? Nothing happened. Naushaba Nafeesuddin how did you ever find out that you were going to lose? One minute. Dont get too over confident. Anything can change at the last minute. This… drink this coffee… its being lying there getting cold for some time. Give me a minute… I’ll just drink it. Drink it… drink this… drink up. Hey… 

feeling hungry and all we’ve been doing

Bay ji! I cant believe you! You distracted me. I was on my way to winning. What difference does it make if you lose and or I win? Its one and the same thing. I’m not such a child you know. Really? Yaar where has Nadra gone off to? She’s been gone some time and still hasn’t returned? Poor mummy’s gone to do some work, like financial papers and all, for Shahana aunty. There is one thing though, all the professional stuff she does for Shahana, she handles it all perfectly. Of course Bay ji and its because she doesn’t think of it as work. She does it with a lot of love. And besides… she cant bear Shahana aunty’s financial burden.
 Okay look can I get something to eat as I’m really feeling hungry and all we’ve been doing is drinking coffee. Sabra’s gone on leave. Really? Should I make you something? No, no, no. Leave it, let’s just go out. Lets eat out. Let Ma come back since she’s always worried that maybe something might happen to me. So tell your Ma, no one can touch you… except me. What I meant was no one can even raise an eye to look at you. No… I know… I… I mean… One minute. Hello? What? Where?! No! Are you in a lot of pain Ma? Yes, I am… I feel as if my foot’s been cut off. What is she saying? Tell me doctor, will she recover? Look she’s fine.

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