Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Series 2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka  Series  2018 To 2019 Colors TV

Let this matter go now. I am feeling very hungry. Rashida, shall I order chinese for you? Will you eat it? Arrange some food Dilshad. Sure mom, I will. As if she will make me write it down.. What are you thinking about Kashf? I am recalling my dreams, now I understand what they meant, Wajdan. God wanted to tell me something which I couldn’t understand. No no, look Kashf, don’t be sad. If God wants then everything will be fine No Wajdan, It’s my fault.
 I should have done what dad wanted me to do If I had done what dad wanted me to do then all this wouldn’t have happened today. I wish I had done what Mateeullah wanted.. I can’t see my family in this condition. I am not able to see their helplessness, Wajdan. I should’ve done what dad said.. No Kashf.. Don’t think like that. You’re not supposed to give up because you’re on the correct path and there are always some hurdles on the correct path of life. Look, trust God. These conditions are temporary, they will change very soon. We will change them together, you’re not supposed to give up though. Listen, give this money to aunty for groceries. Keep it.

 You are right. I’ll think about this.. They say a woman brings

 I’ll go give it to mom then we’ll go together. Listen, you’re not going. Stay with aunty, she’ll need you. You just asked me to go with you? If I hadn’t told you then Zoya would have come along and I didn’t want to go with her. Take care.. Asalam o alikum. Asalam o alikum Kashf madam Walikum Salam I came for my salary.. As soon as the circumstances get better, we’ll pay off your loan. Come with me.. You go.. Eat it aunty, Wajdan brought it. Kashf didn’t stop herself from asking Wajdan to spend in these circumstances. 
What was the point of bringing all this? She would have survived if there wasn’t any fruit for one day but no. Do you know, Wajdan was the one who gave money for the groceries this month. And I am wondering, I mean if Wajdan is the one who will run this household then you should be the one who gets to control what happens in this house. There should be someone who thinks of Wajdan, till when will he keep running this house? You are right. I’ll think about this.. They say a woman brings in good livelihood but look at Kashf’s fate, whatever there was also got lost. Make Wajdan understand, tell him to get rid of Kashf. before she takes over the shop also. Imtiaz you have two days, become my partner and tell Kashf to sit at my sanctuary otherwise… 
I will destroy your life! I will do all that with you which your daughter hasn’t even dreamt of. I told you to sit at the sanctuary, my child.. Its high time you agree to this Mateeullah won’t be able to do anything But I have decided The way you have turned this sanctuary to a shop is not acceptable and I won’t let this go on I made a mistake I made a big mistake By getting Kashf married to Wajdan Look, Kashf madam won’t see anyone. Please go away from here. Please call her for a while, we won’t take much of her time. We’ll meet her and leave. Just once.. Shahbaz.. Yes madam? Who are these people? They are disciples, they want to meet Kashf madam. They have been told that Kashf madam has closed the Sanctuary but they are insistent on meeting her. Listen, will they give money if Kashf madam meets them. 

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