Tere Liye 2020 | Anupriya Kapoor,Harshad Chopda,Rajat Tokas,Neha Saxena,Shakti Arora

Tere Liye 2020 | Anupriya Kapoor,Harshad Chopda,Rajat Tokas,Neha Saxena,Shakti Arora
Modi’s re-victory in the recent Indian elections, the butcher of Gujarat and the bloodthirsty Muslims, has turned the fake mask from the face of the world’s largest so-called democracy and secular country, under which Modi’s bloodthirsty face and horrible pointed teeth are Muslims. The blood of the minority is clearly visible. Whether it is the martyrdom of Babri Masjid, Gujarat riots, drama of surgical strike against Pakistan, Pulwama attack, the enmity of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards Muslims and Pakistan will be more visible than before. It is true that the prime minister of this secular country did not even bother to give a ticket to a single Muslim candidate in the recent elections.

Modi can undoubtedly be described as the most reprehensible representative of the blind hatred of India’s more than 200 million Muslims, and during the recent elections, Modi’s extremist Hindu party, the BJP, had سات 7 million during his election campaign. He used the Muslims as a weapon and propaganda against the voters and also used the Indian media as his spokesperson.

In Modi’s new cabinet, only one Muslim minister, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, will remain in the minority affairs department, while more than 40 per cent of members of the new Indian parliament face 204 cases for various crimes, including murder and rape. 233 cases are pending. In the recent election campaign, the RSS and other extremist parties went to the homes of the Muslim minority and threatened them with dangerous consequences by casting their votes, and Muslims were not allowed to cast their ballots as they wished. ۔

According to a February 2019 report by Human Rights Watch, hundreds of Muslims were injured and martyred by extremist Hindus in 32 provinces in three years. In the recent elections, Bollywood artists were also part of the BJP and Congress election campaigns. Participated more and more and became very successful. If you look at the past, then there is the Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Haq who was famous for his Islamism and “double standard policy” on TV, while also talking about his anti-India sentiments. The language was eloquent but it was the perfection of his dual personality that he was a big fan of the famous Indian actor Shatrughan Sinha, ie he was the only brother of all the Indian superstars of that time and made him his son and invited him to Pakistan on a special invitation. Quaid-e-Awam, his predecessor and owner of the Karmamati personality, was a big fan of the well-known Indian actress Para Begum in her youth and was present on her set during the shooting in Mumbai.

Our famous politicians have also been captivated by the flashes of Indian actresses, including Rekha and Zeenat Aman. Those well-known Indian actresses Salma Agha and Reena Roy also married Rehmat Khan and cricketer Mohsin Hassan Khan and later divorced and remarried. Get lost in the colors of Wood. The echoes of romance with our two famous cricketers Sushmita Sen and Mamta Kulkarni have been heard for a long time.

It is said that art and art have no boundaries and they represent moments of joy and sorrow of public sentiments and feelings while artists have a very sensitive heart and people of all religions appreciate their art. It cannot be divided into scales of prejudice and extremism.

Artists from both Pakistan and India are well-liked in both countries. In this regard, Pakistani singers and actors have proved their mettle in Bollywood. Extremist Hindu parties and organizations are active against most of them, as well as in Pakistan. Indian movies, dramas and programs are the most watched and liked and Pakistani youth are more aware of Indian artists than their actors and anxiously await each of their upcoming films and then compare them to previous films. happens.

Ship-shaped flakes, signboards, pictures of these handsome, talented, versatile and stylish Indian artists will be displayed in every brand, beauty parlor, Modi shops, bazaars, shops in the country. The morale of Indian extremists is so high that They are blackmailed at all stages of investment in Bollywood, selection of artists and screening and distribution of films and this series has been going on for a long time from Bal Thackeray to his son Raj Thackeray. And the seats also burn.
Attacks on filmmakers and artists are also common, changing the names and scripts of films. It is a period of ordeal for Indian artists, a thorny path of truth, peace and love on the one hand and a safe haven under the umbrella of extremist South Hindus on the other, so a large number of artists flocked to Gujarat to protect their popularity, lives and careers. Kasab gave precedence to Modi and his extremist party BJP.

Modi is well aware that there are millions of fans of each of these artists and when Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Sunny Deol, Hema Malani, Karan Kher, Anil Kapoor, Smriti Irani, Manoj Tiwari, Jaya Prada, Karan Johar and other artists campaign for him. If you join me, you can get a good idea of ​​the result. Among them, Sunny Deol, Hema Malani, Karan Kher, Manoj Tiwari, Smriti Irani, etc. have been successful.

The Washington Post’s commentary, which reads: “Narendra Modi’s victory is not a good omen for democracy.” And raised the slogan of nationalism. In other words, it can promote Hindu nationalism and Hindu fanaticism.

Anti-Pakistan and anti-Pakistan films have also been part of Bollywood films in which the Pakistani military has been portraying ISI Pakistanis and Muslims in a particularly negative light and promoting extremist ideologies to achieve specific results.

India’s 542-seat Lok Sabha general election has drawn a clear line between secular-minded artists and militant-backed BJP-backed artists, as well as in Pakistan for promoting the extremist ideologies of these artists. His admirers are in a state of mental anguish, while the majority can see the face of Modi Kasab as his face is coated and unveiled, and the blood of the Muslim minority is dripping from his horrible pointed teeth.

The only question is which Muslim atomic bomb was planted in Babri Masjid, the daughter of Kaaba, on the basis of which it was martyred and why bi-national ideology and Pakistan came into existence? Pakistani Muslims should thank Allah Almighty for this. Is.

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