Tu Aashiqui Series All Episode 2018 to 2019 Colors TV

Tu Aashiqui Series All Episode 2018 to 2019 Colors TV

 My clothes are stinking. These people beat me. They have made a mess out of me They are even turning me in cases I have no concern with. Look at this, I beg you. I swear by God if I was standing outside I would have held your feet. Do something. Khuda hafiz father. Tell me about Ashi. Ashi, what do I tell you Ashi? She is very jealous of you. She doesn’t even want to listen to your name. One minute…. Hello? Yes Shah Ji, your work is done. Did you do it with love? I did it with as much love as you had asked me to do. Very good. Okay then. Khuda hafiz. Now watch what will happen. The game will get more fun now. Excuse me. 
Is Wajdan Fayyaz Ahmed here? Yes, the accident patient who has just come in? He is in the surgery room. Okay thank you. Excuse me madam, who are you? I am his wife. Will you pay the bill? Yes yes I’ll arrange for it. Let’s go mom. Madam, pay the bill now, this is important. You can meet him later. You won’t get the permission to meet him right now anyway. Mom, you go see him quickly please. I’ll go. I am .. Where is your aunt? She is saying her prayers. Oh God protect him… How will we arrange so much money? Aunty is crying so much, I can’t see her like that. I will have to do something. I can’t think of anything. 

I am sure you already knew he would be in this state 

You are not sitting at the sanctuary, your father is in Jail. You know the condition of our house very well and now such a big test. Ami I’m scared, if something happens to Wajdan what will tell Aunty? God forbid, ask for good things from God. Just pray, Oh God please make my child alright, my lord. I hope nothing happens to him nothing happens to him. When? Where are you right now? At the hospital. Okay, I’ll do something. Don’t cry, Brother Wajdan will be fine. I’ll arrange something, I’ll send some money. Thank you very much Erum, I will not forget this. Khuda hafiz. All this has happened because of you. 
First my husband left us then you took away our home and now my son, he is in between life and death. You only found my house to destroy? Sister, what are you saying? If anything happens to my son, I will kill myself and kill you too. No no aunty, nothing will happen to Wajdan. You had dreamt about Wajdan didn’t you? I am sure you already knew he would be in this state. No, I haven’t dreamt any such thing. Tell me, you must have seen something. You must have gotten some sign that these circumstances will come. 

Let me get what he is getting into

Tell me the truth or else I will strangle you. Sister, stop it. When she is saying she hasn’t dreamt anything, then she hasn’t. I am telling the truth, I haven’t dreamt anything. Oh God please keep my child in your protection, don’t let anything happen to him. Let me get what he is getting into, just protect him. Your patient has gained consciousness. He is out of danger now but he has an injury on his arm which needs surgery and a surgeon will come for that. Go to the cash counter right now and you will get the details from there.
 Thank you doctor. You’re welcome. Hello aunty, did you find out? Kashf, I really need ten thousand rupees. Look, please, don’t refuse. Can you arrange ten thousand from somewhere please? Aunty, I am at the hospital myself. Aunty I’ll call you back, someone is calling. Hello, Assalamualaikum. Hospital? Its advocate Shakeel Ahmed speaking, Mr. Wajdan’s number is powered off. He had given me your number also in case there is a need I could call you too. He hasn’t sent the advance amount. Had you given him my message? He had an accident, he is in the hospital.

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