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 Ghazali is
an art to make people laugh and this art is not just for everyone. Before the film, comedians used to do this role in theaters to make people laugh. Gradually, with the development, the era of film started. In the beginning. Movies were made without sound. Hollywood’s leading comedian Charlie Chaplin realized in his comedic roles that the viewers were overwhelmed by his only gestures and gestures. Began to be kept for.

Gradually there came a time when Puri’s entire film was made in a comic color in which all the actors were cast in comedy. Our Pakistani film industry is in a state of severe decline at a time when there were only five studios in Lahore in which There were movie shootings day and night.
Today, the same studios have changed their shape, many of them have taken the form of studio plazas and have become car workshops.

In the heyday of our film industry, Munawar Zarif found a comedian in our film industry. Before his arrival in films, no such artist came and no artist has been born after him who is of this stature. Zarif was born in Gujranwala on December 25, 1940. The entire family moved from Gujranwala to Lahore. Munawar Zarif’s real name was Muhammad Munawar and before Munawar Zarif his elder brother Zarif used to do comedy roles in films but he was very young. God is loved.
Munawar Zarif’s father was an officer in a government agency. Munawar acted in the first film “Dundian” in 1960.

Before Munawar Zarif stepped into the film industry, tall comedians like Luffy, Nazar, M. Ismail, Zarif and Nirala used to be parrots in the film industry, but when Munawar Zarif stepped into the film industry, these people became tired and filmmakers. Munawar started casting Zarif in more and more films as his impromptu comedies and dialogues made the audience laugh.
The whole hall resounded with applause from his entry on the screen. His duet with actor Rangeela was much appreciated. Big films like “Rangeela and Munawar Zarif” and “Let it be on screen” became so popular among the people that Pakistan The name of Munawar Zarif came on the tongue of every person.

This great artist showed the essence of his art with every great actress of Pakistan including actress Asiya, Firdous, Mumtaz, Saeqa, Nabila, Tani, Emerald and Sangeeta.

Directors Munawar Zarif and Rangeela used to turn on the camera and tell him to say whatever he wanted, but the dialogues were according to the scene. Seeing the beautiful performance of such an artist, the elders of the film industry called him “Emperor of Humor”. Awarded the title of
There are millions of fans of this Lachand artist in the subcontinent as many attempts have been made to copy Munawar Zarif in Indian films but no actor has been able to copy him. People are happy to see him on screen. Used to do, women also watched his films with great interest.
Munawar Zarif did justice to each and every one of his characters.

Nokrovati da, Sheeda pistol, real and fake, Banarasi thug, girabled, badamiz, aj da mahinwal, gambabi a, hukam da ghulam, namak haraam, bande da putar, khushiya, chakra baz, miranan pate khan , Sharif Badmaash, Shokan Mela Di, Dachi, Lachhi, Hira Pahman, Imandar, Sindbad, Japanese Gaddi, Tota Chashma, Dhan Jagraman Da, Bihar Wap Phool Barsao, Sajjan Kamala, CID, Aj Di Gul , Mastani Mehbooba, Reshmaan Te Sheera, Laugh, Come, Laugh, Mischief, Forget, Talk to Your Youth, My Life is Song, Horrible, My Name is Raja, Peace and Spark, Zeenat and Neelam. Actor Munawar Zarif has acted in about three hundred and fifty films.

They were four brothers. Zarif, Munawar Zarif, Majeed Zarif and Munir Zarif, these four brothers worked in films and were well received by the people. Munawar Zarif worked with every major actor of Pakistan including Sadhir, Yusuf Khan, Akmal, Ejaz, Sultan Rahi, Mazhar Shah, Waheed Murad, Muhammad Ali, Shahid, Nadeem, Habib and Nanna. Every great artist was imitated by many other artists but the actors who imitated Munawar Zarif were not successful. Coins
His son Faisal Zarif also acted as a hero in a film “Patar Munawar Zarif Da” but those films were not successful in the world.

Munawar Zarif, who brought a storm of laughter to the faces of the movie-goers, was also captivating with his smile. He played the role of a woman so beautifully that the viewer would feel like a woman. Implicit dialogue and young and old woman. He used to utter his voice with great skill.
Everyone present on the comedic acting preset of this great artist who ruled the horizon of the film world used to laugh. When actor Babar Sharif stepped into the film world, Munawar Zarif became a captive of Babar Sharif’s locks.

Although Munawar Zarif was already married, Babar Sharif’s good looks were repaired. Babar Sharif kept ignoring Munawar Zarif, due to which Munawar Zarif started drinking heavily and finally on April 29, 1976, he entered the world of comedy. Such a great artist went to his real creator.

In his 16-year film career, Munawar Zarif left indelible impressions that film history can never ignore. The mourners of the leading comedian of the Pakistani film industry include a widow’s son and two daughters. Munawar Zarif is buried in Lahore. Apart from the actors, important personalities of Lahore also attended his funeral.

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