Yeh Teri Galiyan Series 2018 To 2019 Zee TV

Yeh Teri Galiyan Series 2018 To 2019 Zee TV

Has nobody taught you that you’re supposed to ask for permission before entering someone’s room? You were showing a lot of manners downstairs. Where did they go? Come on, go back. Go back, knock and take permission before you enter my room. Your room? Really? Because as far as I can recall, I bought you this entire house. But I could have never imagined that you would turn out to be this ungrateful. 

so much money that I feel like you have gone mad

Listen. Who is it that you’re taunting for being ungrateful? You didn’t give me all of this as a present. Neither did I beg for money from you. I gave you my entire life in exchange of all these things. I have given you my happiness, my husband! And this is how you pay me back for all this? I gave you my tiara and made you wear it. I made all your dreams turn into reality. That dream which could have never been fulfilled. 
And you are calling me thankless? Me! I brought smile to your lips. I’m the one who taught you how to smile! So it’s not like you have done a favor on me! I have paid for every happiness, every ease, every laughter, Ulfat! I have given you so much money, so much money that I feel like you have gone mad! You have forgotten everything. You have also forgotten where you have come from! Excuse me! Don’t talk about worth with me.
Did you forget all those things? Did you forget the way you used to beg in front of me? The way you used to hold my hands and request saying “Please! Give me your husband and take anything you want in return for that! ” And now that you have gotten everything, you’re showing your true colors? Remember one thing. I won’t forget my amount. This world that I have decorated for you, it won’t take me a second to ruin it. Everything will be over. 

He still might forgive me but how is he going to forgive 

And this husband that you’re celebrating and being so proud about, he’s going to throw you out if he finds out about your reality! Now tell me, what will you be worth then? It’s not like he’s going to make you wear a necklace either, Ulfat! He still might forgive me but how is he going to forgive this sin committed by his Ulfat? Who sold him off for a small amount of money? He won’t be able to bear it. He’s going to die or maybe take a life himself. Are you threatening me? Listen to me.
 What you did today, calling my dad. I’m telling you, Ulfat. If you ever do anything like this again, I’m going to make sure you’re never able to ever show face anywhere! Do you understand? What’s going on? Shafaq? Shahan, I think that Ulfat has fever. I’m trying to make her understand that she should take a medicine since so long but she just isn’t listening to me. How can she have fever all of sudden? She was fine just now. Yes. I also found out after I held her hand. I’ve been telling her to take medicine but she just won’t listen to me. 
You check for yourself! Yes, she might have some low fever. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. It’s very low. You call this low, Shahan? It’s not low from anywhere. Ulfat, you don’t take care of yourself at all. I can’t see you in pain! I can’t see you in pain either. You’re my sister after all. If you two are done with expressing your love for each other, can someone include me too? We’ll just include you. First, you go and call Noori. 

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